Unlocking Keys to Success: Nashville’s Premier Property Management Companies Unveiled

Unlocking Keys to Success: Nashville’s Premier Property Management Companies Unveiled

Venturing into the real estate business in Nashville is a great way to diversify your investments. With the city’s rising population due to the influx of new residents, there is a high demand for residential, commercial, and special-purpose houses. Taking this advantage and investing in real estate is a prudent move to achieving your investment dreams.

When you invest in real estate, there is nothing to inconvenience your work or schedules. All the hassles are eliminated by employing property management companies. They manage all day-to-day activities and other events that can be hectic for property owners. To enjoy peace of mind, picking the right management company is like hitting a jackpot.  

This article explores premier property companies in Nashville that you should consider.  

6 Nashville’s Premier Property Management Companies  

If you have a property and are looking for a company to manage it, this list offers some of the top considerations.

1. Omni Property Management Company  

Omni stands out as one of the most reliable property management companies Nashville. The company is dedicated to offering the best services to property owners and tenants. It has been in the market since 2005 and has mastered the art of delivering exemplary services.  

This family-owned company boasts high experience and a better understanding of the Nashville area. This means it fully understands what investors and tenants want. Additionally, it’s run by professionals who understand laws governing real estate in Tennessee. Omni is also an executive board member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.  

Once Omni manages your property, you can enjoy great peace of mind as it has broad connections with professionals. The company takes care of these, whether attorneys, accountants, internet marketers, insurance providers, or others.  

Apart from managing properties, the company has other independent bodies dealing with selling properties and real estate investment. Thus, they can manage your property while investing your money, earning you even more income.  

While the company provides full property management services, it allows property owners to monitor every activity. Omni provides monthly reports to property owners, year-end reports, and other critical reports.  

The company employs the latest technology to manage properties, minimizing the cost. Besides cost reduction, the use of technology enhances efficiency, hence maximizing property owner’s revenue. Above all, robust tenants’ scrutiny ensures top property security. 

2. Ghertner & Company 

Ghertner & Company is another company that has offered professional management services to homeowners and condominiums for 5 decades. Serving the greater Nashville area, the company was established in 1968. The experience gained over time has enabled the company to provide better services. As a result, it has a reputation among its clients as one of the best Homeowners associations and condo management companies in Tennessee.  

Unlike other companies, Ghertner & Company specializes in property management. This allows it to provide dedicated services, creating a holistic relationship with its clients. The company offers management services like homeowners service centers, rental registration programs, and board member training.  

Ghertner & Company is an accredited company member of Accredited Association Management Company, AMO, and CPM. 

3. Evernest Property Management Nashville 

Evernest is a dedicated property management company that aims to give landlords a reason to love investing in real estate. Offering various services to property owners, the company lets you enjoy the income as you perform other duties.  

Whether you are a new investor, relocating, or expanding your empire, the company management services you can rely on. Dealing with association management, maintenance and rehabilitation, and general property management ensures your property never loses value.  

Serving more than 14,000 properties in Tennessee, the company ensures great benefits to landlords and excellent experience for tenants.

4. Metropolitan Properties 

Looking for a property management company should not be stressful anymore. Metropolitan Properties is an executive real estate management company with a reputation for quality services. Founded in 2009, the company is customer service driven to provide the best to their clients. The aggressive team of experts delivers precision and expertise-guided solutions to real estate challenges.  

Metropolitan Properties provides a wide range of services, including homeowner association management, industrial property management, and property management; among many others, there are maximum long-term mutual benefits. The all-inclusive property services allow the company to deliver satisfactory results to all its clients without compromising tenants’ experience. 

5. FirstService Residential Nashville 

Are you a real estate investor looking for reliable HOA and condominium community association management services? FirstService Residential is a company that provides these services alongside high rises and commercial property management. The company offers leading industry expertise, making your real-estate investment smooth and enjoyable.  

Besides eliminating management stress, the company also ensures the best rates for third-party services. Maintaining and performing property landscaping helps to keep its value.  

FirstService provides customized services to its clients, allowing everyone to get the expected results. Due to extensive knowledge of neighborhoods, the company can customize services for landlords and tenants, thus providing long-term mutual benefits. 

6. Browning-Gordon Property Management 

Browning-Gordon Property Management company is locally owned and operated and specializes in managing condos, townhomes, lots, and others. Founded and run by professionals who know Nashville well. Therefore, each property is handled with utmost professionalism while customizing the services.  

The strategic location is critical in enabling the company to serve the greater Nashville conveniently. Having been in property management since 1960, the company has evolved with time to cater to emerging times with high expertise. Long-term experience means the company knows all the processes, rules, regulations, and others, saving you from stressful daily property management.  

The company provides extensive services like tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and others, so landlords can always be sure their properties are in good shape. Also, access to monthly reports and other vital documents means high transparency. Browning-Gordon Property Management is a member of NARPM, IREM, and others.  


If you have been reluctant to venture into real estate due to the management burden,  that should no longer be a stumbling block. Engaging property management companies is the ultimate way to assist you in achieving your dreams. Nashville has many companies dealing with real estate management, but the featured companies are among the premier choices.

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