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Understanding #131026 Error or Message Undeliverable When Broadcasting with WhatsApp Business API

Understanding #131026 Error or Message Undeliverable When Broadcasting with WhatsApp Business API

While campaigning, we saw some errors and failed recipient numbers. Sometimes, WhatsApp Business messages should be sent to customers. But do not worry; let’s check for common mistakes, like error messages being undeliverable when sending a WhatsApp broadcast message campaign with WhatsApp Business API.

So, let’s explore how the campaign message shows a 131026 error message that was undeliverable during WhatsApp broadcasting. Search the WhatsApp 131026 error code and see how to resolve the errors or other issues.

What is the #131026 Error message?

The #The 131026 error means the WhatsApp broadcast message was not delivered to the recipient in WhatsApp Business API. This undeliverable message error shows that the information was not sent because the receiver did not consent to receive the message, or else your message does not follow the WhatsApp terms of service. Following WhatsApp guidelines ensures that the recipient has given permission to receive your message and avoids these errors.

Why Did WhatsApp Message Failed?

Several businesses are struggling with WhatsApp message failures. They are getting error codes 131026 or 1026 in WhatsApp replies.

But what does it indicate? And why is my approved WhatsApp message template failing to send?

Recently, WhatsApp made some changes to its message delivery policy. This policy focuses on optimizing user experiences over the platform and has presented a technique that blocks specific messages sent from businesses to customers, specifically known as marketing templates.

People are looking to improve the quality of engagement between businesses and clients by assessing the limit on the number of marketing message templates a customer receives from any organization within a particular time.

Reason to #131026 Message Undeliverable Error

Below are the causes of showing #131026 message undeliverable error – 

  1. If the receiver is not available on WhatsApp.
  2. The receiver may have opted out of your services or blocked your business contact. To fix this, be sure your WhatsApp Business contact number is not on the red list (spam) or blocked list (Settings>Privacy>Blocked or Blocked contacts).
  3. The recipient required WhatsApp’s new terms of service and privacy policy. To fix such problems, confirm that you have accepted WhatsApp’s latest terms and conditions (Setting>Help or Settings>Application details will motivate them to achieve the new policies if they have already used them).
  4. Please follow the below WhatsApp versions in case the receiver is using an old version. Customers are required to upgrade their WhatsApp version.
  • Android:
  • iOS:
  • Web: 2.2132.6

Error Code 131042: Business Eligibility Payment Problem

Such type of error shows because of the following reasons:

  • This occurs because the payment account required to be linked to a WhatsApp Business account is having issues with the payment settlement, or the card or bank may be having issues with the payment settlement. To resolve the problem, proceed to the Getgabs Dashboard and click on Display Limit. Alternatively, go straight to Meta>WhatsApp account>Payment to solve the payment issue or remaining amount problem.
  • Often, this occurs due to problems being addressed under the payment procedure.
  • Suppose a recipient reaches the conversation-free tier threshold without a valid payment link. In that case, a payment method must be linked under the billing section.

Error Code 131025: Template is Paused

The WhatsApp message template is paused due to its low quality, which prevents it from being shared in a template message format. To fix this, one needs to wait until the quality of the template improves or create a new template, an upgraded version of the template message.

Error Code 132016: Template is Disabled

The error code 132016 occurs because the template is regularly turned off due to low quality. To fix this error, create a new template.

Error Code 133004: Server Temporarily Unavailable

Sometimes, the Meta or WhatsApp server is not available. Check the WhatsApp Business platform status page to see the details of API status and check the response information deal before crafting again. Check Meta WhatsApp Business platform server status.

Error Code 133006: Phone Reverification Needed

Before registering, the business phone number should be verified. To solve the problem, you need to authenticate the WhatsApp contact number. Visit the below Meta URL to have some details relevant to the 131026 error code regarding WhatsApp Business API:


Apart from this error, other errors regarding Meta or WhatsApp account setup can happen. Do not worry; we’re here for you. We would happily instruct you and search for errors like these (#131026 message undeliverable error) in every possible scenario.

What is WhatsApp’s New Policy?

WhatsApp’s official statement scales the framework of this new technique, which is designed to prioritize the high-quality user experience and increase interactions with marketing message templates.

To achieve this, WhatsApp restricts the number of messages a customer can receive from any company, not just yours, on a given timeline. WhatsApp will reject messages that are less likely to be read.

The restriction implies that marketing message templates are planned to begin new marketing communications. Old conversations among a business or a user would not be affected, enabling us to continue the current communication unabated.

In terms of allowing businesses to know their message is failing under these terms, WhatsApp shows some message failure error codes:

  1. 131026 in case of cloud APIs  
  2. 1026 in case of on-prem APIs 

However, such error codes cause many message delivery problems, and WhatsApp has declared that, for privacy concerns, it would not ensure if a non-delivery was done, especially because of limit restrictions.

The policy was started in India on 6 February 2024 and will be enrolled in phases worldwide.


Hence, WhatsApp’s terms of service highlight the significance of admiring user choices and boosting the positive customer experience. Restricting the inflow of WhatsApp marketing messages ensures that customers will receive the messages that are relevant to them or improve the entire engagement and customer experience over the platform.

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