4 Things To Do Before Starting a Business

4 Things To Do Before Starting a Business

If you are starting a business or in planning to quit your 9-5 job. Here, I am trying to provide you some key information to plan your future full time business. I am not trying to provide a guide to Start a Business but below key points will definitely leads you towards your goal. Along with these, if you are a teen. There are many interesting small business ideas for teens to know.

#1 Learn

Learn more than you think you need to. Once you in business you will feel lack of knowledge every time you deal with your clients and with your internal team. You need to learn each and every aspect related to your business. Focus on your skills and do best available certifications around your knowledge. “The more you learn, the more you earn”

#2 Practice makes perfect

Before jumping into the real world of business, strengthen your mind with NEVER GIVE UP attitude. “Your plan B is the killer and strong mindset is the real survivor”

More you practice and never give up due to small losses, it will lead you to better knowledge of your target audience and better way to serve your client. “Practice your skills to make your product better and life easier”

#3 Friendship with 2-3 competitors

Know your competitor like your best friend. You need to know all the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Write down each and every points which your competitors are doing extraordinarily well and implement them into your action plan.

Don’t miss the weakness of your competitors and fill the gaps for your your customers.

#4 Imagine your journey

Imagine your self as a business person daily on every task and during every situation you face. Imagination will lead you and motivate you to keep learning and planning.

Break each point and task into sub-tasks than break each sub-task into minor task. Don’t miss any point. It will not happen in one day or week. It will only happen when you see/imagine business every where you can. Don’t underestimate the power of PEN and PAPER.

You don’t necessarily need a college degree, a bunch of money in the bank or even Business Experience to start something that could become the next major success. However, you do need a strong plan and the drive to see it through.

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Are you ready to Hustle for 80 hours a week by quitting 48 hours?

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