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Ashadh Ka Ek Din – Hindi Classic Play

Ashadh Ka Ek Din – Hindi Classic Play

Impresario Asia presents one of the most celebrated classic Play in Indian literature – ASHADH KA EK DIN. One of the most staged and respected modern Hindi Play written by Mohan Rakesh, it has become a landmark in the annals of Hindi Drama. So, fans wait is over now.

The play is about Great Sanskrit poet Kalidas, author of Sanskrit classics like Ritu Sanghar, Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Megh Dootam, and Raghu Vansham.

It narrates and beautifully brings out the story of his inspiration Mallika, a village belle, their love, separation and return of Kalidas only to find that, after his elevation in the royal court of Ujjayini, the class divide has separated him from his beloved for ever.

It is a play that makes you fall in love with the characters of the play…Kalidas Mallika and even Vilom, Kalidas’ contemporary and rival for the hand of Mallika.

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