Eagles’ Performance in Victory Over Giants Shows Room for Improvement: ‘Not Meeting Our Goals

Eagles’ Performance in Victory Over Giants Shows Room for Improvement: ‘Not Meeting Our Goals

As quarterback Jalen Hurts finished up his postgame news conference on Monday night after the Eagles’ 33-25 victory against the New York Giants, media personnel and Eagles staff exchanged merry Christmas wishes. As he exited the room, Hurts jokingly remarked:”

Despite the Eagles breaking a three-game losing streak, there was no festive atmosphere in the locker room. The offensive unit, in particular, harbored a lot of frustration due to untimely errors that almost resulted in Philadelphia losing another game.

DeVonta Smith expressed his concerns, stating, “Even though we have 11 wins, our performance on the field isn’t up to par. As an offense, we’re falling short of our expectations… We’re far from where we aim to be, and that’s not satisfying for me or anyone else here. There’s a lot of room for improvement, and I’m not pleased with our current situation.”

A.J. Brown chose not to speak with the media. Meanwhile, Jalen Hurts had extended and seemingly serious discussions in the locker room after the game. He first spoke with DeVonta Smith, followed by conversations with offensive coordinator Brian Johnson and ultimately with center Jason Kelce.
Jalen Hurts expressed his perspective, saying, “I believe we’re hungry and motivated, full of eagerness. It’s about uniting and dedicating ourselves to achieving excellence and striving for that.”

Sources mentioned that the Eagles organized a players-only meeting in the week preceding the game to ensure mutual accountability within the team. DeVonta Smith referred to “uncomfortable conversations” that took place among the players during these discussions.

DeVonta Smith commented, “Having a conversation doesn’t instantly solve everything, that’s not realistic. There will still be challenges and issues. However, we’re heading in the right direction.”

Despite the Eagles amassing nearly 500 yards of offense against New York, critical errors stood out, such as Jalen Hurts’ pick-six in the third quarter, partly caused by tight end Dallas Goedert losing his footing, resulting in the interception. Additionally, a lost fumble on special teams were key blunders that allowed the Giants to make a comeback in the game.

Recently, Philadelphia has shown signs of vulnerability. However, sitting at an 11-4 record, the team has its sights set on securing the NFC East title and aiming for a top seed in the NFC. With matchups against the Cardinals (3-12) and the Giants (5-10) left in the season, the Eagles are striving to solidify their position in the playoffs.

Jalen Hurts expressed, “I wish I could say we’re already at that standard, but I believe we’re moving in the right direction. Our pursuit of excellence is relentless. With the caliber of individuals we have on this team, everyone is driven to improve and hungry for more success.

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