India Hits Century Of 100 Unicorn Startups, Total Valuation $332.7 Billion

India Hits Century Of 100 Unicorn Startups, Total Valuation $332.7 Billion

India crosses the limit of unicorn startups. The number that was predicted in the coming year 2025. The Neobank Open has become the 100th Unicorn in the country-India. Which has got funding of $50 million from IIFL and its other investors as well.

However, unicorn startups are all those startups that have reached a 1 billion valuation. This is not something that can be achieved easily, it is like a cakewalk! But India has crossed the line and reached the 100th Unicorn in 2022. Compared to the previous years 2011 to 2021 there were not many investments in startups. 

India had only 11 unicorn startups in 2011 which increased to 13 unicorns in 2016 and in the year 2017 01 more unicorns came up. Which was not something unique at all. 

Moreover, the number increased in the year 2021 and it reached 42. And this was something different now. There was a reason that took it to the next level in unicorn startups.

We have explained all the important points of unicorn startups. That will help the readers of Journalogy to understand unicorn startups.

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What Government Bodies Have Said About 100 Unicorns In India?

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal said: India Hits A Century In Style

However,  he has appreciated the growth of businesses to be on the list of unicorn startups. And this will take the businesses to the next level. When having such a milestone results. Which will develop countries and create a plethora of opportunities.  

What is a Unicorn for startups?

Though it is a term which is used in the venture capital industry, this term lets us know that a particular company has a valuation of $1 billion. This is scaled every year.

A mobile advertising company in India InMobi was the first unicorn company announced in the year 2011. And after that, it started increasing slowly and steadily. If we see its speed in the current year it has changed the point of view. 

As one of the organizations, INC 42 Plus predicted that. India would have 100 unicorn startups in 2022 and 2025. But now it is not something that. Which they predicted in the coming year. India has crossed the predictions and has reached the number of unicorns in the current year. And the year 2025 has a huge time to break the records. 

In the last year 2021, it was seen that there was an investment of $42 billion and 1,579 deals as well. As there were 44 unicorn startup numbers in India in 2021.

What Does “ Unicorn And Soonicorn In Simple Meaning?

A unicorn, in startup parlance, is a business valued at $1 billion. These startups that are proceeding to be unicorns in the coming years are known as Soonicorns. 

So, this is the simple meaning of unicorn and soonicorn for the enterprises. These both are the forms used for private companies. When earned the amount of $1 billion. However, this is not an easy task for every business to reach the level of unicorns. Businesses have to work hard to make things easier for their targeted audience. Those are having their service to make their lives better.   

Who Coined The Term Unicorn? 

Aileen Lee coined the unicorn and he was a venture capitalist.  

How The Number Of Unicorns Increases In The Year 2021?

However, the pandemic coronavirus or COVID-19 impacts dozens of businesses that were offline and others as well. The year 2020 was spent sitting in-home or we can say working from home. The year increased the demand in a huge number by all those businesses targeted audience. People started buying things from online businesses. Which could help people to buy things online. 

In simple terms, we can say that the year 2020 made almost all things digitized. Whether it was the education sector, eCommerce, online payment methods or other such enterprises. They all got the chance to come up and provide their services or the products to the customers. Things start coming so simple and easy for the people. 

To all those that were habituated to the traditional way of their lifestyle. But the pandemic changed the whole way to communicate and as the people were living before. This was totally new for the people to be devitalized. This all is not about initialization; there were other businesses as well.

That jump on the bandwagon of that huge change in the lifestyle of the whole community. As it was changing at a rapid speed enterprises improved their services more and reached out to more people. Though, this was a great opportunity for all online businesses. Therefore, we can say that it was the reason that brought a number of businesses to this level. 

What Are The Advantages Of Being In The Unicorn Startup For A Country?

As we are discussing in this article, it is not the easiest task. In order to count a business in a unicorn startup. This is the hardest task that requires a lot of effort and strategies and hard work to reach this level of a unicorn startup. Companies do so much hard work to reach out to their targeted audience. That is looking for a particular business’s services or products to be available.

However, if a business comes up with this level to communicate to its potential consumers. It helps the people that are in queue to have an earning source. Therefore, all this has come to the unicorn startup list in 2022. This will provide the county with a good number of opportunities. 

Having this all, people will help have more and more opportunities to earn and make money as an employee. Because when companies grow they take all employees and that particular place to the next level of opportunities.

  • More and more citizens of a country will have job opportunities. 
  • That particular country will start making income from all those successful businesses.
  • The country’s economy will bloom and provide sources for it.
  • Growth will end extreme poverty by creating opportunities.
  • Make a country’s citizens happier and provide more such advantages.
  • Leaps and bounds of growing technology will take place and spread in every corner of the country.  
  • Bring the county to be developed countries lists. 

So, these are some of the advantages of having amazing businesses in a country. If we talk about a country like India this will bloom its development and eliminate the issues like the unemployment rate.    

The Top Unicorn Startups in India In The Current Year 2022

Below we have added all the unicorn businesses list. That will help you to understand and know who is on the list of unicorn startups. And this is the thing that will help businesses a lot and pull their hands up to the next level. 

Though, having a good number of companies in unicorn startups will help a particular country’s economy. Investment in a country and providing and taking enterprises to the unicorn startups is creating opportunities like jobs and pride with other advantages as well. Below are all 100 unicorn startups. 

  1. CRED
  2. Meesho
  3. Urban Company
  4. Infra Market
  5. Digit Insurance
  6. Innovaccer
  7. Five Star Business Finance
  8. Groww
  9. Gupshup
  10. Eruditus
  11. InMobi
  12. Flipkart
  13. BharatPe
  14. Dream11
  15. PhonePe
  16. BYJU’S
  17. OLA Cabs
  18. OYO Rooms
  19. Swiggy
  20. Zomato
  21. Freshworks
  22. Moglix
  23. upGrad
  24. MakeMyTrip
  25. Nykaa
  26. Policybazaar
  27. coinDCX
  28. Pine Labs
  29. Highradius
  30. Zetwerk
  31. Blackbuck
  32. Droom
  33. OfBusiness
  34. ShareChat
  35. Verse Innovation
  36. PharmEasy
  37. MyGlamm
  38. Chargebee
  39. Zeta
  40. BrowserStack
  41. Paytm
  42. Paytm Mall
  43. Zerodha
  44. ReNew Power
  45. BigBasket
  46. Zenoti
  47. Cars24
  48. RazorPay
  49. Unacademy
  50. Postman
  51. CitiusTech
  52. Icertis
  53. Druva
  54. Rivigo
  55. Matic Network / Polygon
  56. Mindtickle
  57. Delhivery
  58. Billdesk
  59. Pristyn Care
  60. GlobalBees
  61. Mamaearth
  62. Fractal Analytics
  63. LEAD School
  64. Darwinbox
  65. DealShare
  66. ElasticRun
  67. Livspace
  68. Xpressbees
  69. Uniphore
  70. Hasura
  71. CredAvenue
  72. Amagi
  73. CommerceIQ
  74. Oxyzo
  75. Games 24×7
  76. Open
  77. Udaan
  78. Ola Electric
  79. Mohalla Tech
  80. FirstCry
  81. Lenskart
  82. Grofers
  83. Glance, Inmobi
  84. Dailyhunt
  85. Mu Sigma
  86. MPL
  87. Apna
  88. Vedantu
  89. Licious
  90. CoinSwitch Kuber
  91. Rebel Foods
  92. CarDekho
  93. MobiKwik
  94. Acko
  96. Mensa
  97. NoBroker
  98. Spinny
  99. Upstox
  100. Slice

These are all the unicorn startups of  India 2022. Which has become a great movement for the country. This is like teamwork that has changed the whole way. The people used to communicate with businesses before. This was not the simplest task for all these enterprises. It was so hard to be here in unicorn startups. 

However, India has hit the century and enterprises are celebrating the movement reverberating. And this is a great movement for India. But yet all those businesses. Those who are soonicorn have to work hard to become unicorns. That will be a great thing for the businesses and the country as well.  

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