Knives Out 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Knives Out 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Excitement is building among fans for Knives Out 3 as details about the upcoming movie start to emerge. Rian Johnson’s unique take on the murder mystery genre has gained widespread popularity over the last decade.

The first Knives Out film received enthusiastic reviews and achieved great success at the box office, grossing $312.9 million worldwide. Following this success, Johnson secured a substantial $450 million deal with Netflix for two Knives Out sequels. The first sequel, titled “Glass Onion,” became available on the streaming service in 2022.

Featuring Daniel Craig in the role of detective Benoit Blanc and a star-studded cast including Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, and Dave Bautista, Johnson continues to attract top-notch talent for these Clue-like ensemble movies.

Is there going to be a Knives Out 3?

Yes, there is indeed going to be a Knives Out 3, but it’s currently in the early stages of development. According to Rian Johnson, the director, in an interview with Deadline, he expressed eagerness to start working on the third instalment.

He mentioned that the structure of the Netflix deal allows him the flexibility to explore other projects, but he finds the prospect of creating the third Knives Out movie most creatively exciting at the moment. Johnson emphasized that it’s not just a contractual obligation but a genuine interest in crafting a story that is entirely different from the previous two films.

In an interview with Wired, Johnson acknowledged the uncertainty of the future landscape and mentioned that he’s just starting to work on writing the next mystery movie, with a realization that it will be a few years before it hits the screens.

Confirming the progress during an interview with The Wrap, Johnson shared that plans for Knives Out 3 are taking shape, and he’s fully committed to the project now that external factors, like a strike, are no longer hindering the process.

Knives Out 3 Release: When Will It Come Out?

As of now, Knives Out 3 is in development, but there is no specific release date confirmed. This upcoming instalment will be the final movie included in Rian Johnson’s current deal with Netflix, which initially promised two Knives Out sequels.

In an interview with Variety in January 2023, Johnson mentioned that he had started working on the third movie. He emphasized the goal of taking a completely new direction both tonally and thematically, ensuring a fresh and challenging creative approach.

Johnson also shared with Digital Spy that Knives Out 3 wouldn’t be a routine continuation but rather an exciting and challenging endeavour. He expressed a desire to create something that feels daring and thrilling, stating, “It’s not just turning the crank on another one.”

While a specific release date is not confirmed, Johnson’s commitment to making Knives Out 3 his next project, as mentioned in an interview with Deadline before the release of Glass Onion, is reassuring for fans. However, he acknowledged that the creative process was in its early stages, with ideas being scribbled down in a notebook.

Given that Knives Out was released in 2020 and Glass Onion in 2022, a tentative estimate suggests that Knives Out 3 might hit Netflix in late 2025. However, Netflix’s co-head of the original studio film group, Ori Marmur, expressed the desire to have the movie sooner, considering the positive response to the previous instalment.

It’s important to note that potential delays could arise due to ongoing strikes in Hollywood, affecting the development and production timelines for Knives Out 3.

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