Tips for Choosing the Ideal Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack

Tips for Choosing the Ideal Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack

Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack: A roof rack is a welcome add-on to many vehicle models. The platform offers extra storage space for transporting bulky items, allowing the car occupants to sit comfortably during the trip.  

Roof racks also improve vehicular stability and manoeuvrability by enhancing load distribution. This can minimize the risks of rollovers during high-speed cruises or when making sudden turns.  

There are aesthetic benefits to reap by getting your car installed with a roof rack. Most racks feature a sleek design that can give your vehicle an iconic appearance.  

For motorists and road trippers, the challenge usually lies in choosing the best roof rack for automobiles. That’s where we come in.  

We’ve prepared a definitive guide to selecting the ideal roof rack for your vehicle, with a special focus on the Jeep Gladiator.

Go For Compatible Racks

Compatibility is one of the critical factors when looking for a roof rack for your Jeep Gladiator. Compatible racks are reasonably easy to install because they’ve been made to measure.  

The first step in finding a Jeep Gladiator roof rack that suits your truck is to accurately measure the length and width of the vehicle’s roof. Focus on the width between the gutters. You can then proceed to the next auto dealership and pick a roof rack based on those measurements.  

Note that the measurements may differ depending on whether your Gladiator model has a hard or soft top. Therefore, it’s important to insist on a roof rack tailored to your specific model.  

Remember also to follow the factory mounting points when installing the rack. 

Determine Your Preferred Style

Regarding Gladiator roof racks, there are several designs to explore. The most common ones are crossbars and raised roof rails.  

Choosing a suitable roof rack style isn’t only a matter of aesthetic appeal. It also depends on your budget, transportation needs, and ease of installation.  

Gutter-mount straight bar designs are easier to install than crossbar racks. They also have a lower profile for better accessibility through the garage and other tighter spots.  

On the other hand, crossbars are suitable for safely transporting outdoor equipment like bicycles and canoes. These racks can also add a sleek look to your Gladiator’s roof.  

Consider the Gear You Intend To Transport

The type of gear to bring on a road trip depends on the activities lined up on your itinerary.  

For instance, you’ll require a bicycle if the trip involves exploring narrow, inaccessible trails in your Jeep Gladiator. And if you’re planning a weeks-long adventure, you may need camping supplies like a tent and sleeping bags.  

Choosing a roof rack style that can safely house your road trip essentials is important.  

You’ll need racks with raised side rails if transporting bikes, skis, and canoes. For camping tents, a standard crossbar track would suffice.  

Measure the Height

When shopping for the best Jeep Gladiator roof rack size, it’s intuitive to pay due attention to the platform’s width and length. But the height isn’t to be ignored either.  

As already hinted, Gladiator roof racks can have a low or high profile, depending on their height.  

Higher roof racks are suitable when transporting taller items like bicycles and fuel jerry cans. They also improve wind resistance during high-speed cruises.  

However, taller racks can slow you down when accessing tighter spots. They’re also more difficult to load, especially those with a top-loading mechanism.  

Lower racks are excellent for carrying items that can be laid flat on the platform, such as tents and clothing. Such racks are also easier to load and provide smooth accessibility along narrow passageways.  

Know the Acceptable Weight Capacity

The weight of your road trip gear matters as much as the shape when choosing a suitable roof rack.  

First, you’ll need to know your Gladiator’s payload capacity. This is the maximum weight the car can safely carry. It differs from towing capacity, the weight you can haul behind the truck with a trailer.  

Your Gladiator’s payload capacity will depend on the model. For context, the 2024 Jeep Gladiator has a maximum payload capacity of 1,250 pounds.  

Besides your Gladiator’s payload, you’ll also need to determine the weight capacity of the car’s roof. Most importantly, note that the roof’s weight limit doesn’t reflect the weight the rack can safely hold.  

Establish the Durability and Warranty

You don’t want to replace a roof rack every other month. However, the platform’s exposure to harsh environmental conditions makes it reasonably prone to wear and tear. So, investing in the most durable rack you can find is imperative.  

A Gladiator roof rack’s durability primarily depends on the construction material. Prioritize racks made from a steel-aluminum alloy.  

You can choose more of either material depending on your gear’s weight. Steel is stronger and more suitable for transporting heavier items, while aluminium is ideal for carrying lighter gear.  

Remember to also check a roof rack’s warranty before purchasing it. Insist on racks with extended warranty, paying attention to what’s covered.   

Prioritize Ease of Installation

For some car owners, installing a roof rack is a quick project that can be dispensed with in a few minutes.  

For others, it’s a daunting task that invariably requires professional assistance.  

Whichever side of the spectrum you find yourself in, it’s imperative to prioritize ease of installation while shopping for a roof rack for your Jeep Gladiator.  

Insist on roof racks designed with bolt systems. Such racks are easy to assemble and disassemble without requiring sophisticated tools.  

Look Out For Any Add-ons

Buying a plain Gladiator roof rack is good enough, provided the platform gets the job done.  

However, you might also want to keep your eyes out for any bells and whistles.  

Choose a rack with locking mechanisms for safety reasons. This prevents your valuable gear from falling off when cruising rough terrains or being stolen when parking in insecure spots.  

Also, pick a roof rack with quick-release levers for quick loading. Some racks even come with light bars and pods, allowing you to install LED lights for better illumination during the dark. 


Choosing the best roof rack for your Jeep Gladiator is only half the work. The other half entails having the platform carefully mounted atop the truck.  

Fortunately, most roof racks come with user manuals that make the mounting process a breeze. If you cannot follow the manufacturer’s instructions or are a bit time-strapped, you can always engage a professional car outfitter to help install a roof rack on your Gladiator. 

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