Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Are you looking for top Shopify apps to increase sales? You are at right place. You have an excellent product, and you want to earn money. Unfortunately, having such a thing can not fulfill your dreams. You will need a platform on which you can rely. Shopify is a brilliant platform, but to truly shine over it, having the right assets on your own can make all the distinction.

The best Shopify apps can help you improve the store’s functionality, simplify tasks, and offer valuable understanding. However, more than 3000+ Shopify apps are available on the market. How would you know which one will be suitable to launch successfully for the store?

In this blog, we’ll make you go through the top 5 Shopify apps to boost sales of a new product or service. We’ll also discuss the different selling areas on Shopify, covering why they are essential for stores and how they would help sell faster and more. 

Top 5 Shopify Apps to Boost Sales

We will talk about the top 5 selected Shopify apps that will increase sales of your new product. Please read them carefully.

1. Buy now or pay more.

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Customers would be required to be motivated to buy something. You cannot have social validation whenever you launch a new product. Reviews or testimonials cannot ensure your customers that your product is the best. And this is the reason they pause. Then why not change their motivation? 

Develop quickness by energizing the early buyers. The best application of Shopify is ‘Buy now or pay more’, which raises the product cost after some product sales. Through this, your customers will feel prioritized and take the opportunity to buy your product, increasing the conversion rate without any social proof. 

With this Shopify app, you will not only be able to sell products quickly but also recognize the correct cost of your product and how much customers can pay for it. 

How does it grow new product sales? Creating urgency for the customers motivates them to purchase from you. When there are no reviews on a product, show them an extra incentive to grab an opportunity on you. 

2. Bundler

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

At first, selling new products could take a lot of work for store owners. But what about if you sell those products with popular products? By doing this, customers get a chance to try new products they might not purchase as autonomous products. 

This is called bundling unknown products with popular products to grow your new product sales. Bundling offers growth in the perceived number of products in your customer’s vision, and that is why an ideal platform is available to launch your new products.

On the Shopify platform, there are several bundling apps available. But why choose bundler? What is the advantage of using it? Its affordable cost of $6.99 and 800+ 5-star reviews make it easy to set up and customize. 

You can integrate and compare your products in the bundle, create offers, and even advise often-brought items. The Shopify app bundler allows bundle upsells consistent with subscriptions. This is beneficial for growing average order numbers and brings more sales.

How does it grow new product sales? Partnering with winning and popular products increases the chances of product sales and enhances order numbers. This will benefit your new product from the popularity of existing products. 

3. Giftkart

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Marketing a new product to the customer is one task, and remembering that product to the customer is a different task in itself. Having existing customers and stores can reduce the CAC (Customer acquisition cost), developing a more bearable foundation for your brand. 

Offering cashback in the form of gift cards or store credits is a solution to this problem. Sharing cashback engages more positively with consumers to match significant discounts. Discount deals might entice bargain-driven clients and allow them to benefit from cashback to check the cost of your product and be interested in paying beforehand. 

When consumers get cashback offers, it motivates them to come again to buy frequent products. On the other hand, if you’re sharing a cashback on a specific cost, the AOV (Average order value) can also grow. 

These customers are interested in demonstrating brand loyalty. They are not manipulated by attractive deals from competitors, so customer retention is growing. You may establish a more loyal consumer base by keeping a favorable brand image and focusing on value rather than discounts.

Setting up a cashback campaign on Giftkart is simple. You may completely automate the campaign, providing tailored cashback offers in the form of gift cards, creating constraints and rules such as product and cart amount-specific rewards, and providing money to consumers via Klaviyo or Omnisend, with simple redemption options.

Giftkart may help retailers increase conversions and revenue by maintaining existing consumers. You may use these cashback programs to attract new consumers, reactivate clients who last purchased a while ago, and recover abandoned carts. Giftkart is a 5-star Shopify software that is a must-have for every store’s retention and loyalty strategy. 

4. Trustoo product & Reviews

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

We speak in the above section about how you can boost your new product sales without social proof. However, seeing others love your product and profit from it is satisfying. Leveraging the application mentioned above to receive quick transactions and sales, you will have to contact your client and request them to drop a review for every deal you make. 

Adding those yellow stars and reviews gives your product credibility and great importance. 

Trustoo, another Shopify application, has a highly user-friendly interface, ideal integrations, and personalization options. This app enables store owners to import the product reviews received on AliExpress and Amazon, giving it a suitable launch place on Shopify. 

This application helps the owners to set up smoothly and straightforwardly, like other applications requiring no coding. 

How does it grow new product sales? Customers get happier to buy, looking at the experience of other buyers. It gives assurance that the product will be good. 

5. Alert me! Restock alert

Top Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

You’ve made deals and spent the amount of $$$ to promote it. Customers will like what other people say about your product, and they will be ready to buy, but you are out of stock. The last option is to skip a sale and lose the velocity you have developed.

There is always a chance that your product will work well, and you can follow a careful strategy when you order your starting batches of new products. 

In such scenarios, use Alert me! Restock alert Shopify app to let consumers send you a notification when they are buying and your product is out of stock. The functionality of the application provides analytics on how many customers are interested in buying and at what duration. 

Send an email feature to let customers know automatically when a specific product is back in stock. Maybe also use Giftkart to offer them an extra discount to keep them patient. The app works effectively with a robust customer support team in all templates and themes. 

How does it work to grow new product sales? Recognize how much demand you have for your product and understand when your customers intend to buy or not skip the sales.


Leveraging the power of these mentioned top 5 Shopify apps to increase sales to make your store irresistible to boost your new product sales. The application store can be incredible, and downloading several apps from your store can decrease the page speed of your store. 

Hence, you need to select the right Shopify app, which will give you the best opportunity to rise fast and enhance sales of your new products. Integrate these 5 Shopify apps and see your numbers growing if you want to cover your base and add a good foundation.

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