Snapchat Planets: Meaning and Explanation 

Snapchat Planets: Meaning and Explanation 

Have you ever thought of creating a unique solar system that is centered around you? Well, now you can turn your imagination into reality by using Snapchat Plus. 

Snapchat Plus is a subscription-based extension officially introduced by Snapchat for its paid members. It offers a wide range of versatile features that make the world of Snapchat more fun and exciting. To learn more read the blog ahead. 

What Are Snapchat Plus Planets?

One such feature is Snapchat Plus Planets which are inspired by our real solar system. In Snapchat Planets your top right friends in your friend list observe the role of different planets and you act as the sun. 

In the vibrant constellation of Snapchat Planets, where friendships are shaped by the closeness and engagement shared on the platform, a crucial player in decoding these digital bonds is the ever-elusive “SB” (Snap Back).

Much like the gravitational pull that determines your orbit in the Snapchat galaxy, the factors influencing your interstellar friendship include Snapchat streaks, meaningful conversations, and more.

So, amidst the celestial dance of social connections, have you ever wondered, “What Does SB Mean on Snapchat?” Let’s unveil the mystery together and continue navigating the cosmos of digital camaraderie.

Explained: Snapchat Planets Order

Here’s a list of all planets on Snapchat Planet in sequence: 

  • Mercury: First on the list comes Mercury which represents your best friend on the platform. Hence, the friends that you’re the closest to in terms of engagement, stand first in your friends list. Mercury is a pink-colored planet with red hearts floating around it. 
  • Venus: The second best friend in your friend list is assigned the role of Venus which comes second in the solar system. Venus is represented by a beige-colored planet with pink, blue, and yellow hearts surrounding it. 
  • Earth:  The third closest friend of yours in your friend list represents Earth on the platform which is a green and blue planet. It looks almost like a real Earth with a moon and red hearts moving around it. 
  • Mars: This planet represents the fourth top friend in your friend list. Mars is a red planet that has pink and blue hearts floating around it. 
  • Jupiter: Fifth in the solar system, Jupiter represents the fifth best friend in your friend list and it is displayed as an orange planet with pink, blue, and yellow stars surrounding it.
  • Saturn: Jupiter comes to Saturn which is a yellow planet and has a golden ring around it along with pink, blue, and yellow stars. This unique planet represents the sixth friend in your friend list.
  • Uranus: This green planet has yellow stars revolving around it. It represents the seventh best friend in your friend list.
  • Neptune: Last but not least comes Neptune which is the last planet in the solar system. Hence, it represents the eighth best friend in your friend list. It is a blue planet with blue stars floating around it. 

To Summarise

Here is the illustrated meaning of Solar Planets in Snapchat. It is available for Snapchat+ users only. The article says: Mercury indicates your best friend, Venus indicates your second best friend, Earth shows your third best friend, and so on.   Did you find this article on snapchat premium solar system helpful? Let us know through your valuable feedback.

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