Article 370 : Understand in Simple Terms

Article 370 : Understand in Simple Terms

My colleague from US messaged me today and asked “What is this article 370 & Kashmir controversy all newspapers are talking about and why is Pakistan so upset? Will this result in war with Pakistan now?”

I told him “Look, 5 years ago, Facebook acquired Instagram. Isn’t it? Now, if Mark Zuckerberg announces that both Instagram & Facebook will be streamlined and will have common login accounts, will Google or Microsoft or any other company be offended?”

He said “Of course not!! When the whole world knows that Instagram belongs to Facebook, then why should anyone bother if they merge both into common account. In fact, it is good for users because they will have a seamless experience.”

I said “Exactly!! Same is the case with Kashmir as well. Few decades ago, Kashmir officially acceded to India, which is equivalent to Instagram being officially acquired by Facebook. But temporarily, they had to continue using their own Constitution, which is equivalent to Instagram using a separate login account.

And now, what has happened is that Govt of India has streamlined the accession so that Constitution of India applies to Kashmir as well, which is equivalent to streamlining the Facebook-Instagram login in order to use common account.”

He exclaimed “ohh that’s all the issue is all about!! Thanks for explaining it using simple analogy. Now I will fully support India because what they are doing is perfect and in the best interest of everyone. Most of my friends in US are actually confused with the news and there are lot of misinformation spread over this by our liberal newspapers. I will use this Facebook-Instagram analogy to explain them & demystify their confusion. Thanks again.”

Reference : Saaket Maharaj

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