6 Rules Of Investing For Beginners

6 Rules Of Investing For Beginners

Investment is a very lucrative word and now a days it is been marketed so much that every body wants to invest.

I have seen many of my friends who are purchasing mutual funds using their credit cards. I always think that my dear friends are missing the basics of economics.

I am not against, I am a keen believer and understand the difference between investments and trades (write a separate blog on differences). As a beginner , I would recommend to follow these 6 basic rules of investing :


Invest your savings for future happiness or security


Don’t follow the trends blindly


Debt counters your investments


Think About : How Long? 5 years or 50 years ? Invest Accordingly


Investing is not only a number game, it’s purely a mind game.


Risk is volatility in Short Terms, but is able to maintain purchasing power in long term.

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