Book Best Shimla Manali tour packages with a Lot of Inclusions in Low Budget

Book Best Shimla Manali tour packages with a Lot of Inclusions in Low Budget

Shimla Manali Tour Packages: The overwhelming beauty of north India attracts thousands of tourists every year. Each holiday destination of north India is unique. The fantastic attraction of north India is the great Himalayas.

However, North India’s low temperature and hill stations welcome many tourists. Almost every people want to visit Shimla and Manali once in their life. Shimla Manali tour gives you heart-melting memory of your relatives.

If you are planning for your holiday this year, prepare a six-day holiday tour to Shimla Manali. Definitely, you can enjoy and collect many memories from this trip. Besides Roaming routes, Shimla Manali tour packages are affordable and contain many package inclusions.

You can afford a five to seven-day holiday program to Shimla and Manali easily. This seven-day program can cover Shimla, Kullu, Manali, and Capital Delhi. With your budget, you can prepare for a vacation and enjoy the snowfall and hill stations of the Himalayan.
However, if you are confused and do not prepare your plan, this article will help you do so. Here you can get the seven-day planning for the Shimla Manali tour.

You also know what to do or not do during your vacation to Shimla and Manali. Scroll down to learn detailed things.

Detailed Tour Guide of Shimla Manali Tour Package

First Day Planning from Delhi Airport to Shimla

However, you reach Delhi airport from your hometown on the first day of your trip. After reaching there, you must prepare a plan for going to Shimla. Moreover, you can start your journey to Shimla by road or air. Both options will be affordable. The distance from Delhi airport to Shimla is 350 kilometers. If you select a road trip to reach Shimla, you can most enjoy it. During your road trip, you see many beauty of nature, including hills. Besides this, you can also visit malls and shops during your road trip.
Moreover, you can enjoy different and delicious highway foods on your road trip. After reaching Shimla there, you have to book a hotel room to stay. After a long travel, you need rest for that. Thus you can order some delicious North Indian food from the nearest restaurant and take a night’s sleep. In this way, your first day of the Shimla Manali holiday ends.

Second-day: Visit Shimla.

The second of your Shimla Manali family holiday gives you heart-warming memories. There you can explore the beautiful scenery of Kufri. It is the most attractive grassland to enjoy the snow on roads. It is a fantastic spot to take many pictures with your lovely friends and sweet family. However, you can enjoy many sports there. In the Kufri valley, you can enjoy snow games in winter. But if you visit this place in summer, you can enjoy horse riding, gazing, and other adventures.

However, Kufri hill station takes 45 minutes to reach Shimla. The distance of Kufri is 15 kilometers from Shimla. Besides this, you can eat different and tasty meals at this hill station there. After watching the views of Kufri valley, you can end the second day of your tour.

Third-Day Planning from Shimla to Manali via Kullu

So, the third day of your tour includes visiting Kullu and Manali. The distance from Shimla to Manali is nearly 236 kilometers. Thus you have to start your journey early to reach on time. You can fix eight hours of travel trip for Manali. You can visit many hills, rivers, and valleys during your trip. All these places are filling with snow. The fantastic views of these hills give you peace and happiness. You can visit Kullu during your journey. In Kullu, you can shop for lots of things necessary for your tour.

Expect this; you can also shop for beautiful things to present to your family members. Then you reach Manali, and there you can get many classy hotels for staying and enjoy snowfall in Manali. After that, you can enjoy some delicious dinner and take a rest for that day.

Fourth Day Planning to Visit the Beauty of Manali

Moreover, Manali is the most romantic place. You can find many couples there. The breakfast of Manali gives you a delicious taste. Also, do not forget to taste Maggie and the coffee of Manali. After breakfast, start your journey to visit different hill stations of Manali.

In Manali, you can enjoy the snowfall, trekking, skating, and other snow rides.
Additionally, some other adventures like para-gliding river rafting are also available there. Moreover, the overwhelming beauty of Manali makes your mood romantic. Many couples visit Manali every year for their holiday. It is the best place to keep many memories with your loved one.

Fifth-day Planning Local Market of Manali.

On the fifth day of your trip must shop from Manali’s local market. You can buy many useful things for your friends and family there. However, in the market, you can also see some nearest temples and enjoy your day. There you can also visit some nearest river and waterfall. However, you can click many photos there. The beauty of these places gives you peace.

Sixth-day Planning Return to Delhi

Now it’s time to say bye to Manali. On the sixth day, package all your baggage and say goodbye to Manali. Take a mouth-water breakfast in Manali and return to Delhi by air. From Kullu-Manali airport you can take a flight to Delhi. The distance from Manali to Delhi is 53 km, so it is better to select an airway to reach Delhi. After reaching Delhi, book a hotel for the next day and rest.

Seventh-day: Visit Delhi

Do not forget to add the Delhi trip with your Shimla Manali tour package. After reaching Delhi, visit some unique places in Delhi. Must visit lotus temple, India gate, Red fort and street shops of Delhi. You must try delicious Delhi street foods. However, must buy some handcrafted dresses and shawls for your friends there. After that end up your trip and come back home.


Shimla Manali Tour Packages: To sum up, the Shimla Manali tour gives you peaceful, romantic, and enjoyable moments. After spending seven special days, you come back home with many memories. This trip can be a very low-budget plan. So plan you must visit Shimla Manali for your holiday with Roaming Routes.

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