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Best Summer internship for Students

Best Summer internship for Students

Summer Internship For B.Tech Students: Summer internships allow college students to get into the REAL-WORLD of work experience. These programs are really helpful for students to build their resumes and take the first step toward a successful career after graduation. But students aren’t the only ones who get benefited from internship programs.
Companies that offer these small internship programs get a first look at new talent before they enter the workforce. These programs also benefit a company’s culture and its bottom line so basically, It’s the kind of mutually beneficial relationship that makes for good business.

A “summer internship” is a very good exposure to get crucial work experience in your summer holiday period, whilst developing industry contacts, making new friends, and even earning reasonable money. Summer internships are available to any undergraduate student but will require candidates to undergo a strenuous application, group discussion, personal interview, and assessment process. These are usually eight to twelve weeks long and follow school semesters. FFH4X VIP Injector APK

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For B.Tech student

If you are an Engineering student and looking for some best internships in India, then here’s the list of the same. Be it big MNCs small start-ups or Government, Indian students have a lot of Internship opportunities. Especially, for undergraduate engineering students in India looking out for Summer internships.
Companies like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, General Electric, Intel, Siemens provide the best learning and working experience. NITI Aayog, AICTE, Lok Sabha, and some other government departments also call for Internship training for many students.

An internship to acquire you need some soft skills: In the first year of college, you’ll have limited technical skills due to limited resources, but this is the best time to acquire soft skills which help you communicate to your officials and are imperative for your success. So, without any qualms, choose an internship that helps you hone your soft skills.
An internship in fields like management, content writing, marketing, or sales: This internship program will help you to improve your communication skills and at the same time, you will learn to work in a team and get an insight into the real corporate world.

An NGO internship, on the other hand, will help you discover yourself with total selflessness.

An internship to learn the practical filed-based applications: In the second and third year of your college with improved communication skills and a better understanding of your field, you can go for an internship where you can get your hands dirty. For instance, if you are interested in programming, then intern with a start-up and work on live projects in C/C++, Java, PHP, or web designing/development. Also, start to grow your networking with professionals in your field of interest and be in touch with the team you worked with in the past as they could help you to your third internship by hand. By the end of your second internship, you will get clarity on whether you want to make a career in the field you working in or head towards a new field of your interest.

Various fields of internship for BTech students


Social media, marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, market research, e-commerce.


Electrical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, AutoCAD, mechanical engineering, project management, and many more


Sales, business development, marketing, customer service, project management


Data analysis, data collection, data review, market research, mathematics, project management


Budgeting, accounting, financial analysis, project management, economics, statics


Software development, Java, python, multimedia, software engineering, C++, computer engineering


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, graphic design, Adobe Acrobat, software designers


Project management, scheduling, AutoCAD, budgeting, spreadsheets


Onboarding (orienting new employees), project management, leadership development, customer service.


Teaching in fields of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, experiments


Data management, SQL, Java, database management, Python, scripting


Information security, company manager, computer engineering, Java, Linux, project management


Economics, mathematics, business administration, data analysis, project management, instructor

If you are not interested in the technical field the following may work for you :

  1. Community Management for IT product companies, Training institutions, merchant chambers, etc. While these may not pay you with any stipend it will introduce you to many senior people and make you understand how these people work.
  2. Sales & Marketing: IT companies always needs people to do business development. This will train you to find target customers, an appropriate way to approach them, build relationships with customers, and even negotiate.
  3. BPOs/KPOs: Again there is a lot to learn in the customer service sector, lead generation, etc.
  4. Digital marketing / SEO agencies: Again here you may get interesting roles to play. However, you need exceptional skills to communicate and write good blogs, articles,s and journals else the job would be quite mundane for you.
  5. Market Research and Direct Sales Agents: please avoid these internships unless you are working for large & reputed organizations during your internships period.

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