Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Beforehand For Mental Peace

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Beforehand For Mental Peace

Women diagnosed with breast cancer feel anxious due to the painful nature of the disease and its treatment. But they break down when they realize it can cost an integral female characteristic, i.e., the breasts. Over 2,000 Singapore women are diagnosed with this debilitating disorder every year. Studies demonstrate that these ladies bear the psychosocial impact of this ailment beyond diagnosis because of various factors, including their changed physicality. However, many have the power to reform their life today, thanks to advancements in plastic surgery. They can include breast reconstruction surgery as part of breast cancer treatment to restore the natural look of the breast. Many have gained confidence in this plastic surgery as it is safe and offers more than aesthetic benefits.

If you need help with this, visit Finding an easy-to-approach and expert plastic surgeon is essential. Since this surgery involves an intimate part of your body, you can be more comfortable discussing your concerns with a female doctor. That’s a good thought; you need mental and emotional support. A female surgeon can listen to your issues and expectations without judging you. However, your initial consultation rounds are crucial. Those are the perfect setups to get as much information as possible to decide what you want. Hence, it can be great to make a list of questions regarding breast reconstruction surgery to know what it entails and why you can rely on it. 

Questions for breast reconstruction surgery consultation 

Dealing with breast cancer is already a lot. You are required to know so many things about your disease and ways to manage it that things become overwhelming at times. You often doubt if you know enough about your condition and well-being. It’s a rollercoaster ride emotionally. Here are some cues to guide you and reduce your mental burden.

General questions for a plastic surgeon 

You want to ensure that you have picked the best surgeon for this critical surgery that plays a crucial role in your cancer recovery and survival. Hence, you can consider asking them a few things like this:

  • Do you hold a certification in this field?
  • How many surgeries have you done?
  • What is the success and failure rate?
  • Why did some surgeries go wrong?
  • How frequently do you get a request for breast reconstruction?
  • Which breast reconstruction surgery is more popular and why?
  • Does this surgery need revisions?

Questions for breast reconstruction options

You can select between implant and flap-based reconstruction surgery. Implants are easy to install and involve less recovery duration than flaps. Silicone implants are the most popular. The other surgery requires sourcing tissues from different body parts of the patient for creating breasts. You can ask your plastic surgeon these questions:

  • What option should I choose?
  • What is the benefit of a specific breast reconstruction?
  • What are the side effects of each surgery?
  • Which is safer of the two?

Questions for surgery and recovery

You want to know the treatment timeline to prepare yourself for everything. Hence, these questions can be necessary to ask:

  • What are the preparation requirements?
  • What time does a surgery take to complete?
  • Should this surgery be done with a mastectomy or later?
  • What should be the ideal gap between the two surgeries (mastectomy and reconstruction) if I postpone the latter?
  • How will I recover?
  • What support do I need at home?
  • What exercises will help me stay fit post-surgery?
  • When can I resume my work, vigorous exercises, etc.?

These are examples of the queries one usually has regarding breast reconstruction. You can add more to your list. For example, you may want to know a few things about results or outcomes, such as final breast appearance, scarring issues, the feel of the new breast, etc. So, think through everything that will matter to you and frame your queries for clarity.


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