Breast surgery is one of the most common acts performed in plastic surgery, it experienced an unprecedented boom in the early 90s.

It includes all surgical procedures performed on the chest.

The different breast surgery interventions


Breast cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic breast surgery is not motivated by breast pathology, but responds to aesthetic requests from the patients. Breast cosmetic surgery aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast and responds to four types of requests. Patients may judge their breasts to be too underdeveloped (breast hypertrophy), or on the contrary too large (breast enlargement), too sagging (breast ptosis), or even think that their two breasts are insufficiently symmetrical (breast asymmetry).

It helps to overcome innate or acquired imperfections of the breast.

Breast cosmetic surgery includes all cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the appearance of the breast. It is motivated by aesthetic requests from the patients. A first consultation with the surgeon is necessary before undertaking an operation: the patient explains what she wishes to change to the surgeon and the latter directs his decision towards a more specific choice. Sometimes, after the consultation, the patient can agree with the surgeon that there is no reason to have the operation.

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There are a multitude of techniques to increase the volume of the chest, lift it, improve its shape, fill the neckline and reduce the size of the areolas. All these techniques do not systematically require recourse to prostheses, breast lipofilling can also be considered.

Cosmetic breast surgery technique are:

  • Mammal augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast ptosis
  • Breast asymmetries
  • Breast prostheses

Breast plastic surgery

Breast plastic surgery includes all plastic surgery techniques aimed at reconstructing the breast and restoring its morphology. Breast plastic surgery aims to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy, correct a congenital malformation, a deformation of the breast, or an excess of gland and skin in the breast, in order to restore harmony to the breast, adapted to the patient’s morphology. There are many techniques for reconstructing the breast. These interventions are covered by health insurance under certain conditions. They allow: Chloe Lattanzi Plastic Surgery

  • Rebuild the breast
  • Decrease breast size
  • Correct a malformation of the breast (tuberous breasts, etc.)

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most common operations in plastic surgery. It helps to overcome innate or acquired imperfections of the breast.

  • Breast asymmetries, tuberous breasts, breast agenesis, inverted nipples… Breast malformations are very common and can cause serious complications, but also prevent certain natural functions, such as inverted nipples which make breastfeeding complicated for many women.
  • Certain accidents and certain cancer treatments may make it necessary to remove one or both breasts, which can durably complicate the image that patients may have of themselves, damaging their relationship to their femininity.
  • Breast reconstructive surgery is all plastic surgery procedures to correct a breast malformation or perform a complete breast reconstruction.


Women are not the only ones to have breast surgery. Many men are affected by gynecomastia, which consists of an excess of breasts in men. Of varying severity, it can be a source of discomfort, embarrassment and complexes that often complicate everyday life.


In the case of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the breast, one day of hospitalization is generally quite sufficient. The convalescence, followed at the home of the operative, generally lasts over one week, the postoperative care varies according to the nature of the operation.

Patients are often concerned about the quality and discretion of the scars after breast surgery.

The position of scars in breast surgery depends on the technique used.

The plastic surgeon arranges for these scars to be placed so as to be as discreet as possible.

In order to optimize healing, it is important to completely stop smoking at least one month before breast surgery.


The price of boob job varies depending on the technique used and the need for breast implants. For a breast operation, it is impossible to provide an exact price without having previously examined the patient in consultation.

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