Develop Your Own Gojek Clone App And Own The Entire Source Code!

Develop Your Own Gojek Clone App And Own The Entire Source Code!

This blog is all about how to develop your own Gojek clone app. Many entrepreneurs might think about becoming a billionaire without having to spend a quarter to a million dollars on just developing and launching the app. Well, let’s begin with how you can reach the pinnacle of success without a single sleepless night.

First, you’ll simply have to purchase the clone app script. This purchase of script doesn’t mean that the entrepreneur is delivered with only one complexly coded app. The entire package comes with three different apps – user, service provider, and store. On top of that, other Gojek clone apps that come with the package are kiosk apps, websites, admin panel, and company dispatcher panel.

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The first step is to study the market thoroughly! Researching a little deeper about the demographics, the economy, demands, and the future scope of your business is very important as only then can you make a perfect business plan and thus, rule the market.

Want to build it from scratch or purchase a ready-made solution?

This is the first decision that the entrepreneur has to make – build the app from scratch or get a white-labeled application? When building the app from the ground up, the entrepreneur needs to splurge half of their hard-earned money plus 7 – 8 years of their lives just to develop the app and launch it.

Take the demo of the apps

One can only judge the app and its true capabilities if they have tried it themselves. So, ask your white-labeling expert to give you the demo app trial for FREE! Remember, if a firm asks you to pay for the demo applications, then they are not the ‘market leaders’ they claim to be.

Trying the Gojek clone demo apps will give you an explicit idea about how they will work in a real environment. Also, you’ll get to know where you want logo placements to be, which color theme you want, which language, currency, or payment gateway to integrate, and so on.

Make your payment

Once the entrepreneur decides to purchase the package, the next step is to discuss the requirements with the Project Manager. The Manager will tell you everything about the features, the app, services, and anything you doubt about. They will then prepare the Scope Document for you that will contain detailed information about the deliverable and the cost breakdown of the package.

The entrepreneur can now purchase the package by paying the entire amount in one go or making part payments via Payment Milestone!

Review the apps and approve them

The white-labeling experts will develop the Gojek clone app as per your requirements and upload it to the firm’s development server. The entrepreneur can now check the apps, test them, and approve them.

It is only after the entrepreneur approves the app can the team go ahead to the next step.

Launch on App Stores

The Gojek clone apps will then be launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Want to be a billionaire? Here’s your chance to become the most successful entrepreneur in the world. Earn easy and quick cash by launching the Gojek clone app.

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