4 Amazing Statistics on Web Browsers for Mobile in 2022

4 Amazing Statistics on Web Browsers for Mobile in 2022

The internet is the largest canvas in the world, and web browsers are like picture frames for it. The entire endless-terabyte circus of the online world takes place inside that little container. However, when you’re focused on the material that browsers deliver, much like frames, they’re simple to ignore.

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1, Market share data for browsers

According to StatCounter, the global market share of browsers in 2019 looks like this. With more than 60% of users, Google Chrome is clearly in the lead, followed by Apple’s Safari (16.3%) and Firefox (4.5%). Things are a little bit different in North America. Chrome continues to have the highest market share (53.6%) among browsers in Mexico, Canada, and the US. Microsoft’s Edge and Explorer browsers come next.

The default browsers on Apple, Google, and Samsung’s smartphones are their creations. The default fastest Android browser is Chrome, the default browser for iOS is Safari, and all Samsung smartphones come with the Samsung Browser.

2. Usage data for browsers

Microsoft controls the OS industry with various versions of Windows, much as Google has the bulk of the browser market share with Chrome. The majority of popular web browsers in 2019 are installed on Windows 10, which still has a 14.7% market share. 10.9 percent of users use mobile browsers, while 9.5 percent use MacOS. Linux has a 6.2 percent market share, whereas ChromeOS only has 0.2 percent.

The need for marketers to reach larger online audiences develops along with the growth of internet traffic. Since many well-known websites rely on advertising for income, several of them have begun to freeze content if they see ad blocking activities. One alternative is personalized advertising; many users are ready to disable ad blocking to view the material they came to the site for. One of the options is customized advertising.

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3. Browser security statistics

On the internet, there are 2,391 virus sites and 35,701 phishing sites. To collect user data, phishing websites act as trustworthy websites. Websites with malware infections can download and install several types of viruses, spyware, or ransomware. According to Google’s data on browser security, the majority of infected websites are legal websites that are being attacked by hackers.

When comparing Chrome vs. Safari or Firefox vs. Chrome, both of Google’s primary rivals greatly outperform Chrome in terms of security. So far in 2019, Microsoft’s Edge browser has discovered 90 vulnerabilities. With 77 percent of immediate detections, Firefox trails Edge and Chrome. Android’s mobile browser has also proven to be troublesome, with 414 vulnerabilities discovered so far in 2019.

As the prevalence of phishing grows, certification bodies are working harder than ever to secure websites. According to Firefox Telemetry, the metrics underlying one of the most popular desktop web browsers, today 78.9 percent of websites accessed worldwide, and 88 percent of websites viewed in the United States, are encrypted. The most prevalent type of data breach is identity theft, which is followed by illegal access to financial data. Encryption improves security and privacy, and free SSL/TLS certificates are becoming more widely available to website owners.

Certification authorities are working harder than ever to encrypt websites as phishing grows increasingly common. According to Firefox Telemetry, 88 percent of websites accessed in the United States and 78.9 percent of websites viewed globally are presently encrypted. The bulk of crypto-mining scripts come from the United States, according to Adguard’s website browser analytics (18.7 percent).

4. Mobile browser statistics

Despite having a mobile version of Firefox, Mozilla is completely absent from mobile devices globally. Although it is moderately widespread in both Europe and North America, less than 1% of users in each area utilize it. In terms of global use data for mobile browsers in 2019, Chrome has a sizable advantage.

In India and several African nations, mobile networks account for the vast bulk of internet traffic. However, when it comes to search engines, US online browser data presents a different picture. Mobile devices account for almost two-thirds of all organic Google search hits.


Web browsers are used by billions of people worldwide to access the internet. Some of the most popular browser alternatives include Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. The internet has redefined what is possible and has been a key component in many of the subsequent advancements.

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