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Getgabs: Best Official WhatsApp Business API Solution Platform

Getgabs: Best Official WhatsApp Business API Solution Platform

Getgabs is a WhatsApp business API service provider that provides end-to-end solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We can understand you’re having any issues or doubts in the future with our services. 

What about the Getgabs platform and its services? How does Getgabs relate to WhatsApp marketing, and would it be reliable for business growth? Leading you with the services and cost of Getgabs services, you’ll be comfortable with it. 

Well, You’re on the right track. Getgabs is an official WhatsApp business API solution. Businesses need to verify the phone number to broadcast WhatsApp messages to the audience. 

Getgabs is also referred to as WhatsApp marketing, chatbot, and CRM platform. Now, saying this can create many doubts in your mind!

Let’s get started with what the WhatsApp Business API is. Is there any coding required to develop a WhatsApp chatbot? How much time would it take to access WhatsApp Business API, and what would be the cost? 

What is the Getgabs Platform?

Getgabs is a powerful platform that helps businesses send and receive WhatsApp bulk messages over WhatsApp, develop custom integrations, and automate customer conversations. Getgabs is a WhatsApp engagement platform created on top of official WhatsApp business APIs. 

Using Getgabs, you can merge your existing communication system into WhatsApp. And can use this channel for marketing, promotion, sales, and customer service support. 

To start bringing your business on Getgabs, it gives you a free trial as well to test the services. During the trial, you can learn the benefits of this platform, Getgabs. To use the service, you will be asked to “sign up” first on the portal. 

You can easily set up your WhatsApp account and change your preferences. 

Still, you are wondering about WhatsApp business API and how it works. Let us briefly address this question. 

Which Services are Provided by Getgabs?

Getgabs offers very important services to the business that is required the most by everyone. In this section, we will explain about Getgabs services. With the Getgabs WhatsApp tool experience and enriching your brand feature, you can discover how cutting-edge software can convert operations and allow you to get unsynchronised achievement. 

The most important services are offered by Getgabs as detailed below:

  1. WhatsApp Business API
  2. WhatsApp chat widget
  3. WhatsApp chatbot

These are the highlighted services of Getgabs. We’ll explain each service in detail.

1. WhatsApp Business API: 

WhatsApp Business API is a programmable API that was developed by Meta in 2018 to permit the business to broadcast and receive incoming unlimited communications from customers. OfficialWhatsApp Business API improves better customer experience. 

Getgabs is one of the online platforms that is completely built on top of WhatsApp business APIs. However, if you are thinking about increasing your business revenue, you can access WhatsApp business API by Getgabs to boost your business. 

Getgabs can be referred to as one of Meta’s business partners that has built an engagement platform and WhatsApp marketing portal that permit the users to:

  • Automatic notification or alerts related to Delivery Update, payment reminders, Complete Payment, etc. to users
  • WhatsApp message broadcasting in a single go (to opted-in users)
  • Multiple replies on the same number by a human agent 
  • Verified green tick verification on WhatsApp 
  • Sales & support automation 

2. WhatsApp Chat Widget: 

Enable you to add a WhatsApp chat button to your website at no cost. Visitors to your website will be able to start a discussion with your company on WhatsApp by clicking on the widget. They will be brought to Whatsapp Web/Desktop and requested to send a message to the Whatsapp number you specify. 

Using the WhatsApp chat widget, you would be able to create instant responses by sending quick reply buttons to customers via WhatsApp. 

3. WhatsApp Chatbot: 

Getgabs also offers a WhatsApp chatbot to businesses to get more customer responses. Through the benefit of WhatsApp business API features, engaging customers has become more interactive and efficient. 

Using the WhatsApp chatbot by Getgabs, you can entertain your customers 24/7, even after working hours. Receive messages from customers within the dashboard and assign an agent to handle consumer inquiries.

A WhatsApp chatbot is the digital equivalent of a devoted assistant who is always available, ensuring that your customers never feel ignored. This is more than simply a chatbot; it is embedded into one of the world’s most popular messaging networks.

While chatbots on multiple platforms automate tasks, a WhatsApp chatbot leverages WhatsApp’s familiarity and accessibility to connect businesses and customers effortlessly. However, keep in mind that the standard WhatsApp Business App is not chatbot-friendly; to achieve this, you’ll need to use the WhatsApp Business API. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

Talking about Getgabs benefits, there are many points to discuss. Getgabs is an end-to-end WhatsApp Business API solution that enables businesses to engage with their customers via WhatsApp. 

It enables businesses to manage and measure client interactions on WhatsApp, automate customer communication, and develop bespoke workflows.

Getgabs allows you to communicate with your consumers effortlessly, address issues, and establish connections over WhatsApp. Following the interesting benefits offered by Getgabs, you need to consider:

  • Team Inbox
  • No Code Chatbot builder
  • Broadcast via pre-defined template messages
  • Automations – Keyword action, Reply material, Routing, Sequence, etc
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Contacts Management

Why Choose Getgabs for WhatsApp Business API

Getgabs is one of the best business growth partners. But the reasons why you should do this, so let me tell you the best reasons for choosing Getgabs as your WhatsApp business partner. 

Our mission is very clear: we want to empower every type of industry, whether it is small or large. Getgabs offers a strategic solution to you so that you can connect with your customers when they’re active or not on WhatsApp. 

With Getgabs, you can personalize your customers’ conversations and notify them about everything, as well as provide hassle-free communication. The reasons are listed below:

  • Globally audience reach: Getgabs helps businesses to reach their customers globally. We understand that targeting customers quickly or efficiently is very mandatory nowadays. But, with Getgabs easy-to-use WhatsApp business API platform, this is possible now.
  • Streamlined customer support: Another reason to choose Getgabs is simplified customer support which is a very important thing. You can easily manage your WhatsApp communication with our team inbox feature. 
  • Power of automation: Getgabs believes in making things easier. Therefore, we offer no code WhatsApp chatbots to automate customer interactions. Automation is the process of providing an all-in-one solution for WhatsApp users. 

Getgabs Plans and Pricing

Getgabs offers three pricing plans – Free forever, Basic & Pro.

  • Getgabs offers a free trial before using the service and also a free chatbot session per month on each plan.
  • Click on this link to learn more about Getgabs pricing plans.
  • Getgabs works on a pre-paid model, i.e., before sending a message, you are required to top-up the credits in your account. 

Starting With Getgabs

Before setting up the Getgabs account, you need to consider some of the following limitations with WhatsApp business APIs. 

  • WhatsApp account setup: Account setup needs to be set up before using WhatsApp API for business purposes. 
  • Business name: To let customers know about you, with a Getgabs account you can add your display name of business. This name will be displayed to others whenever they receive the message from you. 
  • Phone number: To create a Getgabs business account, a phone number is a must. But remember, this number should be unique and should not be linked to another WhatsApp number or it should receive incoming calls or messages. 
  • WhatsApp commerce policy: WhatsApp has launched important standards for companies who want to use WhatsApp API. Following these standards, some unlawful or fraudulent activities will be rejected by WhatsApp. 

Integrations with Getgabs

Integrating your business on the Getgabs platform to automate your customer conversation and build a more efficient workflow. Integration is the process of merging a social network with another online platform. The list of integrations that Getgabs offers is mentioned below:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Laravel
  • Php
  • Webflow
  • Bigcommerce
  • Squarespace


That’s all. This information on Getgabs services and benefits will guide you to choose your WhatsApp business API solution provider wisely. Despite being a multinational enterprise serving over 100 nations. We’re happy to have over 2000 customers and counting. Our team may be tiny, but it is dynamic and varied, with an inclusive atmosphere. 

We work from the comfort of our homes to ensure that you receive the finest possible service.

At Getgabs, we want to help your business thrive so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy most: growing your business. Thank you for reading this and selecting Getgabs as your partner for greater business growth! 

If you have queries regarding service, do not hesitate to contact us. You can get help from us!

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