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Bulk SMS Campaign: Worldwide, 60% of the total population own a mobile phone. This app makes SMS marketing one of the most important channels to promote your business. You can communicate directly with your customer with an SMS.

Moreover, it is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing as Bulk SMS pricing in India is very less. With the growth of technology, several other types of marketing channel have come out but, for the majority of the marketing teams, bulk SMS marketing remains the primary marketing channel. Once delivered, wholesale customers, open the text messages, or approximately 98% of that message, in three minutes.

By sending bulk SMS, you can reach your existing customers as well as new customers. GetItSMS are one of the world’s leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore that helps companies to reach certain customers in the shortest possible time through various bulk SMS packages.
So, if you are planning on starting a massive SMS campaign for your business, here are some tips that you can follow for maximum success.

  1. Divide your customer

To get the most of it, your SMS should only reach interested customers. These can be achieved by integrating the CRM into the messaging platform. It is therefore important to segment between relevant customers and occasional customers. With the maximum number of customers who own a smartphone, you can know who is clicking on your ads so you can improve over time.

  1. Perfect timing

Time plays an important role in every company. So for bulk SMS campaigns to be successful, you need to send your SMS at convenient times. You can then send integrated SMS with the option “expiring offers” to increase customer curiosity.

  1. By sending reminder or triggered message

These enabled messages are sent when a repeat customer suddenly loses interest in your business. Then you can write them offers to pique their interest. This is known as an activated message that helps attract customers.

  1. Keep your SMS short

This factor is one of the most important tips for the success of the campaign. The content of the bulk SMS must be clear and simple. Write your message in such a way that customers get the information they want in a short read.

  1. Try to create a sense of urgency

When sending bulk SMS, choose a time when you want your customer to respond immediately to some exclusive offers with insufficient time. GetItSMS send SMS to its customers in 5 seconds.

  1. Send relevant message

Sending bulk SMS to your customer is not your privilege. So don’t make the mistake of annoying your customers with too many irrelevant posts. Your messages should look like you aren’t sending them, instead of being bothered by so many messages, your customer will lose them.

So we see that for a successful bulk SMS campaign we need to send an SMS with great content to a relevant customer at the right time.

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