How Do You Name a Virtual Event? 11 Ways

How Do You Name a Virtual Event? 11 Ways

As soon as you plan to conduct a virtual event, the two things that you may look for are the best virtual event platform and virtual event name. It is essential to give your event a name so that people can remember and get interested in joining. Moreover, it can be hard to name your virtual event.

Hence, here are some ways that make it easy to name your virtual event. So, let’s have a glance at all the ways in brief.

11 Ways to Name a Virtual Event!

11 Experts’ suggested ways that can be helpful for you to create a name for your virtual event are as follows:

1. Leave the Nomenclature for Later

You do not have to worry about the virtual event name as soon as you think of conducting one. As per the hybrid exhibition platform experts, the name of the event depends on the type of your event and the topic of your event. So, you can keep it settled after you have decided on all the other aspects of your virtual event. Moreover, you can jot down some name ideas in the diary if you have in mind any. You can consider and discuss them later with the others to finalize one.

2. Be Different with the Event Name

As per the virtual event platform experts, do not try to copy the idea or style of anyone else. It will make your event sound fake or copied. Moreover, just be yourself and develop a name that can represent you and your brand better without any consequences. Moreover, think creatively and differently from others. It is the place where you can show an innovative and boxy side of yourself. Know the aim of your virtual event and think of some words that can be helpful to reflect what you are up to with this event.

3. Follow the KISS Strategy: Keep It Short And Sweet

There is a strategy that you may have heard in project management. It is a U.S. navy noted design principle, the KISS method. This KISS method is an acronym of “keep it simple, stupid” that was edited by the technical writing industry into Keep It Short and Simple,” which can be helpful for you. So, what you can learn from this method is to keep your virtual event name simple and short. As per the virtual event platform experts, you can avoid creating long lines as the name or difficult words to spell or pronounce. Hence, make it simple, as even high school students can memorize it.

4. Prefer to Check Some Abbreviations or Initials

As per the hybrid exhibition platform, abbreviations and initials are the best way to create an innovative virtual event name. So, you can also try using some potential abbreviations or initials. Also, you can check out some of the slang and shorthands to make your virtual event name more of the latest and trendy event.

5. Do a Little Fun with Word Play

As per the virtual event platform experts, you can create an attractive and humorous name using wordplay for your virtual event. The audience likes creative wordplay and appreciates such innovation that can efficiently increase the audience reach of your virtual event. Moreover, it can be beneficial in better promotion of your event. So, try making some words and playing with some terms related to your brand or event topic.

6. Don’t Make up the Words, Be Original!

As per the hybrid exhibition platform, many people made up the words and tried to make the audience interested. But these types of terms that no one can understand can be hard to understand and grab their attention as the people try to avoid things they can not understand or relate with. So, try to connect with your audience using a few meaningful words that also mean something to others. Moreover, the original words can do their work better than your made-up ones.

7. Try Some PORTMANTEAU Words Creation

As per the virtual event platform experts, many people create one word by joining the different words. This method is called the PORTMANTEAU word creation. Moreover, you can link the words that connect as a relation. For instance, motorway + hotel = motel, Britain + Exit = Brexit, Hungry + Angry = Hangry, and many more. So, you can also create words like this by joining the two or more words together.

8. Make It Pleasant to Both Hear and See

As per hybrid exhibition platform experts, your virtual event name should be pleased to hear and view on display. So, you should know how to make it proper in rhythm to make it easily memorable and write it using creative graphics to make it look attractive and attention-grabbing. Moreover, you can show your creativity in both writings and saying it. It can be beneficial to grab maximum attention with a single image.

9. Ask Your Audience Via Social Media Channels

As per the hybrid exhibition platform experts, you can ask about the people for whom they are creating it. Hence, you should ask the audience if you have a lot of great ideas. Moreover, you can share a post in your community via driving a live audience poll to know which virtual event name they like the most. You can use various social media channels to conduct such voting. Make sure you have a good amount of audience that will support you and help you get the best name without any difficulty.

10. Conduct an In-Depth Competition Analysis

As per the virtual event platform experts, every online event and business must check the competitors. So, you should conduct an in-depth competitive analysis to know what events they do and ways they come up with a name for their virtual event, and if they get popular & reach the audience with that name. Only after observing these aspects consider any strategy of your competitors.

11. Evaluate and Check Your Finalized Name

As per the Virtual exhibition platform experts, brands must consider the virtual event name even after finalizing one. Check if there is still room for improvement. Moreover, you should evaluate and check your selected name and do the required editing for the final name.

So, these are the various ways that can be helpful to finalize a name for your virtual event. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to come up with a virtual event name effortlessly.

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