Low-Cost Bulk SMS – Is It Really Worth It?

Bulk SMS in Jaipur: How To Choose Low Cost Bulk SMS Provider
Low-Cost Bulk SMS – Is It Really Worth It?

While discounts and low prices can be a big selling point, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is also important to remember. Bulk SMS is no exception. Organizations can choose to pay less now and pay more later if things go wrong, or pay a little more for better overall, hassle-free service. When choosing a bulk SMS company for your mobile messaging, factors other than price should be considered. Consider the coverage, reliability, network quality, customer service, and price of the mobile messaging service. Transactional Bulk SMS

Products and services

Does the Bulk SMS Service company offer a variety of features and functionality with the mobile messaging service? What additional really useful features does it offer besides multiple ways to send messages? For example, do you offer an HLR search service so I can check your contact details? Using HLR search to verify subscriber IDs and phone numbers saves money by removing invalid numbers. Other functions to consider are email scheduling and delivery status. Does the bulk SMS company offer bidirectional messaging so customers can easily keep track of their SMS messages? With additional features like these, you can save money in the long run as all mobile messaging data is available at all times.

Coverage and Reliability

Most bulk SMS companies claim to have full coverage around the world. However, the real problem is not just coverage, but reliability as well. If your main path is blocked, do you have an equally effective backup? When choosing a carrier, pay close attention to the airlines and countries they are connected to and ask if they have multiple routes to this destination. Does this backup service have all the functionality of the main path? Make sure the affiliate path provides binary text messages, offers Unicode characters (which personalize text messages for hieroglyphic languages ​​like Chinese or Cyrillic alphabets like Greek), and accompany large messages. Simple things like a local timestamp are also important. Remember that any reputable bulk SMS provider will have backup paths as good as your primary path. Bulk SMS Service in Bangalore

Network quality

When an SMS provider offers bulk SMS sending at a very low cost, it is sometimes because the quality of their network is slightly below average, resulting in a delay or even loss of the sent message. If an SMS does not reach its destination, it is a waste of time and money. Ideally, the bulk SMS business would have direct routing or even its own network, which would shorten the supply chain. After all, a more direct route provides a more reliable route. If a bulk SMS company offers a free trial, you can use it to test the quality of their network. It’s also worth noting that some providers offer many routing options for your mobile messages so that you can decide whether cost or speed is more important this time around.

Customer service

While mobile messaging may seem easy, add the variables of different cellular and geographic operators and the likelihood of bulk text issues can increase. The best thing to do is to use a bulk SMS provider that offers 24/7 customer support via live chat or email … or both, 365 days a year. This way, you can get help regardless of your time zone, day of the week, or holiday. Low-cost providers usually have to cut somewhere to limit their services. Unfortunately, customer support often suffers as a result. However, this is usually the most important part of your relationship with the bulk SMS business. Pay close attention to the support offered by bulk SMS providers and look for those who commit to a level of writing service that guarantees a certain level of customer support. Promotional Bulk SMS

Payment method and minimum orders

Bulk SMS payments are almost always requested in advance. Once paid in advance, some providers convert the money into credit that is deducted after the SMS has been sent. Others simply keep a cash account that is debited after the messages have been sent. In both cases, the SMS provider can require that you send a minimum number of messages at the same time within a certain period of time. It should be noted that some companies also charge entry fees. When choosing a bulk SMS company, consider their payment structure and ask about additional fees or minimum order quantities. Also, if you plan to send a lot of messages, see if they offer you a better price.


When getting prepaid for your messages, consider your SMS provider’s track record. Are you an established provider in the industry or are you relatively young? Do you like to go with an unknown amount for your mobile messaging needs or do you prefer someone with more experience? Do you present yourself as an industry expert? Your website should give you a hint. Could they bring their experience to help your company expand into new geographic markets? E-Mail Marketing Service

As you can see, there are several key factors to consider when looking for a bulk SMS provider, only one of which is price. The quality of your services and coverage, as well as your dedication to customer service, are also of the utmost importance.

Choosing an SMS provider shouldn’t be based on price alone, as other factors are just as important. If you prefer to partner with a leader in providing proven SMS and MMS solutions, check out RoutoMessaging. It has nearly a decade of experience and offers a wide range of SMS products and services. also offers a free or mandatory test of its service.

If you are looking for a bulk SMS provider, GetItsms India is a reliable online bulk SMS service in India. They offer feature-rich solutions, instant messaging, and inexpensive SMS services.

If you are looking for a bulk SMS provider, GetItSMS India is a reliable online bulk SMS service in India. They offer feature-rich solutions, instant messaging, and inexpensive SMS services. Sign Up Now

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