Key Reasons For Entrepreneurs To Invest in Gojek Clone

Key Reasons For Entrepreneurs To Invest in Gojek Clone

Today, various solutions related to numerous business segments are launched in an application store. It is because the utilization of different apps is done to gain particular services online. The preference to visit a conventional market for seeking a range of services has been reduced due to the stretched working hours of people.

But, super apps have created another level of hype among users in the past decade. The statistics of 2022 say that there are one in three users worldwide utilizes multi-service platforms. Moreover, there are numerous solutions in the multi-service market that have become popular among people.

It includes Careem, Gojek, Snapp, Grab, etc. Although Gojek, amongst all those, has covered a massive ground as compared to all the other players mentioned. The firm’s application is utilized by users across entire Southeast Asia. By observing the demand of Gojek, many startup owners are inspired to make their Gojek like platform.

If you are one of them, willing to create a solution like Gojek for your venture, then here are some reasons supporting the same and the costs to make it mentioned. It will help you motivate to step into the multi-service vertical.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest in Gojek Like App?

The first question that might strike your mind is why you should build a Gojek similar app by approaching IT companies for your enterprise. So by reading the several points mentioned below, you, as a business admin, would likely be convinced of the same.

Rise In User-Base

Operating venture offering a single service focuses only on a specific category of users. Instead, providing a variety of facilities under one hood will help you in reaching out to the maximum audience, as they can access any service from a solution. In addition, you can also attract users of social applications. As the majority of them spend consistent time on such apps. Utilizing a platform like Gojek, you can promote your enterprise by uploading photos and videos of your business on various social apps. According to statistics, 93.33% of users from 4.48 billion are found active on social media. So adding social posts will help your venture gain significant fame and customers through your solution.

Revenue Gets Boosted

It is evident that offering numerous services will provide you with various channels of revenue. Hence, using a Gojek like solution, you can take commissions from stakeholders associated with it. It includes store owners, consumers, and service providers. Furthermore, you can also make significant income from advertisements of the businesses registered and through the priority listings of enterprises enrolled on your Gojek like app.

White-Label Platform

You will receive a white-label solution by creating a Gojek clone for your enterprise. It means you can tailor an application to meet the needs of your venture efficiently. It includes modifying the names and functionality of attributes, design, and flow of the platform as per the requirements of a solution. As a startup owner. You’ll be provided with the source code, which allows you to make countless customizations in an app. 

Lower Maintenance

A platform only goes under maintenance when any errors or technical glitches are detected inside it. The possibility of occurring flaws in a Gojek similar solution is very occasional. In addition, the costs of fixing any problem in an application are also nominal, which turns out to be pocket-friendly maintenance of an app for you. If you have received free post-launch support from a particular technology partner, then it would result in cheaper maintenance of the platform.

These were the few reasons mentioned above that support startup owners in developing a multi-service app like Gojek from IT firms that will help your business run fluently and fulfill the needs of people. But, how much does it actually costs you. And due to which factors is the price of building a Gojek similar platform affected are discussed in the following section.

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Cost of Creating a Gojek Similar App and Different Aspects Affecting It

Before creating Gojek like multi-service solution, as a business admin, you might be thinking on which basis you should set your budget for cracking a deal with the specific company. Now, there are several factors that would probably help you in setting the budget for developing the platform like Gojek stated below:

Number of Programmers

It is dependent on how many developers are needed to make a Gojek like platform for your venture. The number of programmers to be occupied for working on your project is based on how complex an application is. And it can be determined by your requirements and ideas about building a solution like Gojek for your enterprise. The coders of specific firm will charge you higher prices if the certain parameters mentioned earlier are more in quantity.

App Complexity

The complicacy of any app is decided based on numerous elements to be embedded inside it, inclusive of the platform size, number of attributes, design, and many other constituents. The costs of creating a solution are finalized on its complexity analyzed by certain components stated earlier. So, the price quote for building an application similar to Gojek from a particular technology partner will be given to you on the basis of such characteristics. 

Time Consumption

You, as a business admin, are charged a particular amount by calculating the amount of duration consumed for building a platform similar to Gojek for your venture. Now, it again comes to your app’s complexity and many other components of your application. The timely costs of a particular IT company would increase with the rise in complicacy of your multi-service solution and lesser on minimal complexity. So, you should take care that your application possesses fewer complications to reduce its development rates to some extent.

Development Region

After all, dependent on where the solution similar to Gojek is made, the rates of programmers would be charged to you accordingly. The costs for creating it may differ based on variations in numerous prices of different parameters that include database charges, fees for accessing specific premium features of a particular tech stack through which an application is made, publishing charges, etc. Now, by covering all such aspects, the hourly rates of developers from numerous countries are mentioned in the following table:

Countries Price Per Hour(In USD)
Netherlands $60 – $95
India $25 – $40
UAE $45 – $65
Canada $105 – $135
Switzerland $75 – $100

Ending Words:

By witnessing the significance of Gojek in the super app sector, you must be willing to step into the multi-service segment. If you are planning to get a Gojek similar solution, then here are some reasons, costs. And factors based on which prices for developing an application like Gojek are determined and discussed. Reading them will fill you with sufficient inspiration to get a Gojek similar platform ready for your venture.

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