How Cell phone Spy Camera Helped me Catch the Culprit

How Cell phone Spy Camera Helped me Catch the Culprit

It was early morning and I was as usual late from work. My roommate has been working late and that has totally disturbed my overall schedule. So I was running late, almost had a collision with two people at the subway station, and literally missed the ride as well with some seconds. So I hope up till now you must have judged how happening my morning was on that day. Well, that was just the start. Later on, something happened to me and I was dumbfounded about what will happen onwards.  

I reached the office and was almost ready for the important presentation when I found out that My official gadget was not anywhere. I checked all the places that I had been to since I came to the office but it was nowhere and that’s when slowly I had flashbacks of my subway ride. It was rush hour in the morning time so there were students and office workers and every type of person. During that time I got mugged and I lost my cellphone. Now the important thing was that some of the very sensitive information was in the gadget and more importantly it was the tool allotted by the organization so losing it might be a huge mess. I even asked some of my colleagues about the procedure. Does the company ask to compensate for the lost device apparently, I was the first one who lost the device and no one knew the protocol. I informed the higher authority the person responsible first smiled at me and then told me not to worry as they will recover it.

Within a few days, I was been called and given the cellphone back. How did it happen was my first question. That’s when I found out that they are using employee monitoring apps and a feature called a cellphone spy camera helped them to catch the culprit.

Here is what I have found out about the employee monitoring technology its background, legal formalities, and most importantly how the spy camera feature worked in the whole process.

Employee Monitoring :

Employee monitoring is very much legal in the state as it is a common practice for big and small firms to use such apps. Gone are the days of using custom methods for employee monitoring as they are complicated, biased, and time and labor-consuming. Instead, how about using an app to know where are your employees, are they working hard or wasting time, is anyone spying on the organization, and so on. These spy apps or employee monitoring software tell the employer everything with just a few clicks. So in case, you think your company does not use such apps you might be wrong. The use of such apps is so much normal that some organizations don’t even find it a major necessity to inform the employees about monitoring as it’s pretty much an obvious fact in their regard.

Another important thing that I have found out about these employee monitoring apps is that there are some terms and conditions that must be followed by the employer’s end. For example, one can only install the spy app on the company-owned gadget of the target employee. It is not legal to keep an eye on the employee through a personal gadget even if it is for work’s sake. So as I mentioned earlier it was an organizational-owned device thus it was fine to use an employee monitoring app to keep a check on my work-related activities.  


The OgyMogy cell phone spy app offers interesting employee monitoring features. Some of them particularly got my attention are screen recording, Gps location tracking, Mic bug and camera bug feature email monitoring, and keystroke logging.

Cell phone Spy Camera:

The cellphone spy camera lets the user remotely use the front and rear cameras of the target device. That means users can know about the surroundings of the target person and can check the activities details as well. The company used this feature along with some others like Gps location tracking to receive my cellphone within a few days.

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