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Picuki Lovers’ Ultimate Handbook | 2022

Picuki Lovers’ Ultimate Handbook | 2022

Picuki is a photo and image downloader application that enables customers to upload images from an Instagram profile without logging in or registering. The user will only have to enter their account ID to download the photos.

Without logging in, the user can view all images, having left no indications or shoe prints. Picuki has many excellent features, like recording other people’s opinions before downloading them. In this article, we’ll learn more about picuki because of how it works, how to use it, what features it has, and what limitations it has.

Picuki & Its Variety Of Usages

It’s simple to use, although there are two ways to get the pictures you want.

The first Method is to search for the username in photos by account, and the second approach is to test with hashtags.

1st Method

  • This procedure involves scanning for images by the name of the account address. The procedures are simple:
  • Using your laptop or smartphone, go to the Picuki company portal.
  • The website’s webpage is simple, and you must verify the correctness of the Instagram handle you want to view in the search bar.
  • The website will display all online accounts that correspond to your search contact. From there, you can quickly find the version you want.
  • You’ve found the account you’re looking for; click on it to see all related pictures and videos. It also displays the post, which can be downloaded.
  • Find the photo and post it. You can save and press the download button.

  2nd Method 

  • This technique is similar to the first, but it searches for pictures taken based on the tagline:
  • Browse the Picuki website to look for the desired photo tag.
  • When users enter a phrase and click the search bar, all related results will be displayed.
  • To see all relevant tags, you could search the results using the options provided.
  • It will now show you a list of all related tags from which you can select your preferred title.

When the hashtag results appear, click here to find the post you’re looking for.

Characteristics Of Picuki

Apart from viewing Instagram pics and tweets without leaving a mark or a footprint. Picuki also has the following features:

Photo Editing Photographs

It is most probable Picuki’s most distinguishing feature. It gives the user the ability to edit photos from many other people’s Instagram pages. This is yet another feature that is only available to Picuki. Among other things, you can edit the images by changing their agreement, trying to apply filtration, having to adjust brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, and varying effects. Before downloading, you could also crop and turn the images.

Get Your Hands On The Stories.

Picuki also allows users to view the stories of numerous Instagram accounts without logging in. The process of watching live stories is simple. To initiate, you need to use the aforementioned technique to gather access to Instagram. The Instagram account now has a stories option. You can watch all of the storylines without logging in if you click it. If the video does not open in the browser, save it to the device, and it will play in the media player.


Keeping up with Posts on Instagram, photos, and stories have never been easier. When you search for an Instagram account and view most of its posts or pictures, it is saved in the algorithm, and the post related to it is displayed. It can be vexing at times. Picuki also removes the possibility of unintended consequences. It is easy to use, legal, and safe.

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