Wedding Etiquette To Know Before You Say I Do

Wedding Etiquette To Know Before You Say I Do

Wedding etiquette is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. It’s more than just knowing which fork to use at the reception! The rules of wedding etiquette can help you navigate everything from selecting your old down manor wedding photographer or party venue to sending out “save the date” cards to writing thank-you notes after the big day. 

Here are six key things you need to know about wedding etiquette. 

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1. Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The first rule of wedding etiquette is to send out invitations early. That means at least a month before the big day. If you’re having a destination wedding or if guests will have to travel far to attend, give them more time by sending out the invitations in advance. This gives people enough time to set their schedules and make arrangements to attend. Once you receive an RSVP, it’s important to send out a written thank-you note. You can send this through email or on paper, but it’s important that you do so before the wedding date. This lets people know how much you appreciate them taking time out of their busy lives to celebrate your marriage with you.

2. Wedding Ceremony Etiquette

The rules for wedding ceremony etiquette include everything from who should sit in the front row to what guests should wear to what kind of gifts are appropriate. You’ll also want to send out save-the-date cards and invitations with plenty of lead time and make sure you have a clear dress code on the invites.

3. Wedding Reception Etiquette

You’ll probably want a receiving line at your reception so that you can greet each guest individually. There might also be some traditional elements, such as a father-daughter dance or cake cutting. Furthermore, it’s best not to talk politics at a wedding and feel free to thank everyone for coming!

4. Gift-Giving Etiquette

Traditionally, people buy gifts for the newlywed couple. But today, many couples live together before marriage and may already have their entire home or apartment filled with items — especially if they’ve been in a long-term relationship.

Weddings can be confusing for guests too. They might wonder what to give if they’re not attending the wedding or if they’re attending only a small celebration. If you think your guests could use some guidance on gift-giving etiquette, include wording in your wedding invitations like “no gifts requested” or “your presence is your present.”

5. Wedding Attire Etiquette

For the bride and groom, wedding attire etiquette is all about deciding on a style that fits your wedding theme, venue, and budget. Will you be getting married in a church or a garden? On the beach? In a church? Knowing where your wedding will take place can help guide some of your decisions when it comes to wedding attire.

For example, if you’re planning an outdoor or beach wedding, make sure you pick out shoes that will be comfortable enough to walk in the sand and won’t get stuck in the grass. If you plan to have a traditional ceremony at a church, opt for more formal attire — like a long gown for the bride and a suit with a tie for the groom.

Wedding attire etiquette also involves making sure your guests know what kind of dress to wear. Does your invitation say “black tie”? That’s code for formal wear: long dresses for women and suits with ties for men. If it says “black tie optional,” that means guests can opt for a lovely cocktail dress.

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6. Wedding Photography Etiquette for the Bride and Groom

These wedding photography etiquette tips will make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Make your photographer aware of any family drama so he or she can avoid outbursts at the reception.
  • Be patient with your photographer — he or she will likely do a lot of arranging, setting up, and directing to get the perfect shot.

I hope you find this article useful and interesting too. Stay tuned to know more about bristol wedding photography, down manor wedding photographers, wedding attires, gifts, and much more.

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