The Death Of An Entrepreneur

The Death Of An Entrepreneur

While working on multiple website and app projects for several startups with different set of business minds , I have found few key points where an mindset of an entrepreneur start destroying after some time. Here, I would like to highlighting 10 pointer below :

#1 Caring Too Much About Others Opinions

Studies show that we consistently overestimate how much, and how badly, others think about us and our failings. An unfortunate consequence of this is that we are far more inhibited and far less spontaneous and joyful than we could be.

#2 Listening To TOO Many Gurus

An entrepreneur should always aware about the thin line between classy, impressive talks and real knowledge. In the world of facebook and whatsapp there are lot of impressive but fake knowledge is being spread by marketing people. We should avoid such fake knowledge and keep working on basics.

#3 Not Believing in Self

If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to grow and learn. Like knowledge, confidence can’t be transferred. The person that needs to believe in you, is you

#4 Not Taking The Right Actions

Don’t worry if you are not taking right decisions but afraid if you are not able to correct them when you knew that you took a bad one.

But not taking right actions are very dangerous , when you take a decision , don’t wait take actions.

#5 Surrounding Yourself With Fools

Most dangerous thing I have ever experienced. You should not waste time with fools by stuck in argument with them or stuck in praise with them.

#6 Not Creating Goals and To-Do List

Put a date on your goal. It is not that easy to put a random date. Goal must be broken in tasks/modules , modules should be broken into steps.

#7 Being Overly Skeptical About It All

Doubt is like death and clear mind set is all we need.

I am not saying to take things for granted by not doubting on the flow. I would like to convey that we need to settle down , put the ass on chair to understand each and every pointers for every thought and ideas you are working on.

#8 Having Distractions In Your Life

We all know , FOCUS is the KEY. Study says, our mind is not like a computer machine who process a calculation , if not known show a error and forget.

Our mind behave completely different. If something unknown asked, sub conscious mind starts the search for the answer.

Like if I ask you what is the registration number of your neighbor’s car. You would say ” I DON’T KNOW” but whenever your neighbor’s car occur in front of you. Your mind see the number plate unknowingly and save the data. Next time you will be aware of the car number because mind never left with unknown till it satisfies with an argument.

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#9 Having Too Big Ego

Title is self expressive that EGO never work with clients, colleagues or any long term relationship. An entrepreneur must be polite with his knowledge and have a great sense of calmness.

#10 Not Focusing On Your Strength

Everybody has weaknesses but pick your 1-2 strengths and FOCUS on them. FOCUS IS THE KEY. ENRICH YOUR STRENGTHS DAY BY DAY.

Let us take that you are a terrible public speaker but great at communicating by writing, then focus on getting even better at writing. Strive to become the clearest writer in the world.

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