Best Way to Increase the emotional intelligence

Best Way to Increase the emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the only way to achieve anything in life. Your performance will depend on your perpetual and persistent efforts that you will only be making when you have situational enduring capabilities. These above distinctions make you stand far ahead of the others. Most of us are non-conformists with the situation at hand we are trying to set in a round peg in a square hole. This is one of the most impossible and dire situations. You must work on your life skill and that would make you stand far ahead of where you are. You must value your time you must realise that.  There are some inviolable rules that are not to be breached while learning anything.

You listening Ability

You must listen to anyone who has performed better than all others in the given task and must have achieved something recognizable. There must be someone in your life who will rap over the knuckles for not working hard and you must have disapprobation if you do not follow what you think. Your attention span will shoot up as you relinquish your offhand attitude. Each one can succeed if you change your personality.

Give Reaction  After Pondering

You must not react to the situation emotionally or based on their shallow perspective as many of us generally develop a facile generalization.

Be More Attentive and Focused

You will notice everything has fallen in line as you work on yourself. For attention, you can try meditation or physical exercises also because there is scientific evidence that proves it.

Try To Think Analytically While Understanding a Subject Matter

Try to develop a flow from the initial years of your college. You will be able to develop a core understanding of any subject matter when you get fully involved.

Look after yourself

You must learn how to make your bed, how to keep your room clean, and how to cook. These small things will build you and will make you more dedicated and focused. Every small thing has its value.

Deep Meditative Practices

Meditation will increase your EQ level. Meditation will deeply inculcate the values of satya, dharma, and shanti. These all must be there in an emotionally intelligent person.

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