Can I File An Appeal Without A Criminal Appeal Attorney?

Can I File An Appeal Without A Criminal Appeal Attorney?

To answer that question, the short answer is: Yes, legally you have the right to appeal a criminal case without hiring a criminal appeal lawyer. This isn’t the popular option, however.

Continue reading to find out why it makes sense to hire a criminal appeals lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida when you need someone to handle your case.

You Are Not Required To Hire An Appeal Lawyer In Florida: Here’s Why You Should Do So Anyway

Technically, the American legal system does not make hiring an attorney mandatory. Generally, a citizen will have the technical authority to argue their case and act as their own representative in court. The technical term for handling your case on your own is known as “pro se”. A pro se litigant is an individual who proceeds without legal counsel. But doing this isn’t usually a good decision. Did you know that even trained lawyers hire independent attorneys to represent them if they are involved in a civil, criminal, or family law case?

Why Should You Hire An Appeals Attorney?

Though you can technically file an appeal without hiring an appeal lawyer in Florida, it might not be in your best interest to do so. Here’s why:

Appellate law is complicated, and it takes a lot of effort, time, and money to file the paperwork correctly. If you make mistakes in the paperwork, your case could be dismissed, eliminating your chances of winning the appeal. This is where having an appeal attorney comes into the picture. An appellate lawyer with experience and expertise will ensure that every step of the appellate process is handled correctly and on time.

Also, an appellate lawyer will provide you with accurate insights regarding whether or not it makes sense to file an appeal. The lawyer might also know how to help you win the appeal easily, as they’ll have years of experience in filing appeals.

In a nutshell, it can amount to a waste of money if you file an appeal without a lawyer. If you’re considering filing an appeal, hiring the best appeals lawyers in Florida makes sense, and they’ll give you the best chance of winning your case.

Among other things, the appellate lawyer will:

  • Help you decide if an appeal is a feasible option for your situation.
  • File a notice of appeal on your behalf and prepare a strong argument to be presented in court.
  • Ensure that you do not do anything that messes up the grounds for an appeal.
  • Help you take the right course of legal action to maximize your chances of reaching a favorable outcome.

Avoid Trial Lawyers & Choose Experienced Appellate Attorneys

You might wonder if retaining the same trial lawyer to handle your appeal makes sense. While this is allowed, it isn’t the right choice usually. The reality is that there are significant differences between a trial and an appeal. Trial lawyers, for example, are typically inexperienced in appellate court procedures and vice versa. Hiring an experienced Miami appeals lawyer gives you a better chance of winning your case.

Do Not Waste Time & Money Trying To Navigate A Complex Appeal On Your Own

Connecting with the best civil, family, or criminal appeals attorneys in Florida ensures you get a fair representation in court. A good lawyer will help you achieve a favorable outcome.

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