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5 Ways To Forge Digital Connections: Your Guide To Amplifying Online Presence With LinkCraft

5 Ways To Forge Digital Connections: Your Guide To Amplifying Online Presence With LinkCraft

One of the most frequently asked questions about boosting any online venture is where to get more backlinks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, an e-commerce site, or a new outlet; deciding to work on your online presence isn’t a walk in the park.  

Outsourcing backlinks, SEO strategies, and other marketing initiatives come at a hefty price. But that’s far from the only hurdle you need to surmount. You also have to worry about possible penalties. Yet the rewards are worth the trouble, especially if you can find a tool to help streamline your effort. 

LinkCraft is one such tool that can be a vital helping hand for boosting the online presence of brands, provided you can leverage it properly.  

This blog provides five tips to help you effectively direct more eyeballs to your brand using LinkCraft. 

What is LinkCraft? 

In this attention economy, every click is valuable. From social likes to organic traffic to your homepage, the impact of your links on your bottom line can make or break your brand or entire business. That’s why LinkCraft is such a powerful tool. It’s the solution you need to help facilitate the management of the backlink profile of your sites. It offers a solid overview of your links by providing comprehensive statistics to amplify your online presence.  

Anyone doing backlinking to drive traffic to their website or looking for better ways to check bad backlinks will find LinkCraft quite handy.  

Below are some vital ways LinkCraft can help you optimize your web presence. 

1. Find Toxic Links 

Since Google and other search engines began penalizing websites for using bad backlinks, several tools have sprung up to help website owners and SEO professionals identify toxic links. Some of the most potent of these online tools include: 

  • LinkCraft 
  • Moz 
  • Monitor Backlinks 
  • Ahrefs 
  • SEMRush 

For this blog, LinkCraft uses several metrics to check for bad backlinks. It can help you flag any link to or from your website that meets the criteria for a ‘toxic’ link. A website may often have links between “possibly harmless” and “spammy.” 

Without a robust tool like LinkCraft, spotting these types of links is usually challenging. Thankfully, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble with LinkCraft.  

2. Streamlined Link Management 

Using LinkCraft, you can manage and even create links with so much ease. But there’s so much more to link management when it comes to this tool. Those looking for ways to customize their links to match their unique needs can do so at the click of a button. You have the option to add link descriptions and titles, among others. Furthermore, you can regulate when the link becomes active or inactive by using a simple activation and deactivation button.  

This level of link management will be useful to everyone, whether you are sending emails, publishing social media content, or promoting a marketing campaign. With LinkCraft, you have all the control required to maximize your online presence.  

3. In-depth statistical Analysis 

The features of LinkCraft don’t stop at simple link management. This tool also comes with an extensive set of analytics functions. These features will give users a full picture of how their links perform. So you have the insight you need to know which links are yielding actual results. Some valuable link metrics you can assess with LinkCraft’s analytical tools include: 

  • Reach 
  • Click counts 
  • Countries of origin 
  • Devices used 

With LinkCraft, you comprehensively understand how your target audience interacts with the links on various pages of your website. This is good news since you don’t have to guess when deciding the best strategies to employ to boost click-through- rates for your link. LinkCraft brings you the exact data required to make smarter decisions.  

4. Identify backlink opportunities 

Lastly, this tool allows you to spot the gaps in your site’s backlink profile. Blindly attacking a backlinking campaign can result in a lot of wasted money, time, and effort. However, gaining the right insight will help you pinpoint new backlink opportunities and make the most of every moment spent earning a new link. 

5. Actionable Steps For Online Promotion 

Once you have a detailed picture of how your links are performing, you can make informed decisions to improve your online presence. Sure, everyone online agrees that content is king. However, not every piece of content yields the same result. To take it a step further, you can’t use your links similarly across different content or platforms. What LinkCraft does, which makes it an excellent tool for optimizing web presence, is simple.  

It helps you identify where to focus your content creation efforts. This ensures you generate the most engagement after your content goes live because you’ll use the right platform for the right content and links. So you can rest assured that every link is maximizing your online presence.  


This draws the curtain on effectively leveraging LinkCraft to boost your online presence. It’s always crucial to remain vigilant about your website and its backlink profile. It’s a best practice you can’t afford to overlook. So, make it a point to check for poorly performing, expired, and broken links.  

This helps you overcome the often-unavoidable issue of getting several spammy backlinks to your domain. Do this every three to four months, and you can rest easy knowing that your domain is unlikely to suffer a sudden slump in ranking when Google inevitably rolls out a new update. 

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