15 Best Bulk SMS Providers in India

15 Best Bulk SMS Providers in India

Best Bulk SMS Providers: As the whole world is jumping on the bandwagon of the digital era, this is going to be a win-win time for digital India, and everyone has to digitize.

As of 2021, approximately 624 million people have come to be digitized and this opens the door for your business to approach your audience. So, why wait for more?   

Massaging is one of the best ways to approach your customers and therefore this becomes hard for E-commerce merchants to decide which bulk SMS service provider will be best for them.

Now you do not have to worry anymore about getting a service of bulk SMS for your business.

Here are some bulk SMS providers you should go with! : Best Bulk SMS Providers

1. Get It SMS

Get it SMS is one of the best bulk SMS service providers, giving the best offers on bulk SMS services. This company gives its service in voice SMS, promotional bulk SMS, transactional bulk SMS and WhatsApp bulk SMS. As per its work experience Get It SMS has worked with highly professional businesses; Hindustan Petroleum, Apollo Hospitals, Havells, Aditya Birla Group, Toyota and Philips.  

2. Text Local

The services of this will help you in fast notification and two-way interactions, this will strive towards growing your purchase. The service of this bulk SMS service provider will give your customers satisfaction. This platform is innovative and easy to use for the best bulk SMS services.

3. 99 SMS Service

Getting positive feedback from our clients and their satisfaction has made 99 SMS Service the best services provider in bulk messaging. However, this has grabbed much attention in providing its best bulk SMS service to its 95000+ clients all over India. The company has decades of experience in providing its best work. 

4. TextGuru  

However, TextGuru has worked and is still working with many brands all over the country. Seeing all this, this has left no doubt in giving its services to the multi-brands.

5. Easyway SMS

Easyway SMS provides bulk SMS services as gateway services as well which is a cloud-based service. The services it provides are digital marketing, website hosting, website designing, e-commerce website development and SMS delivery service. Where this has provided outstanding services to its clients.

6. Fast2SMS

Its services have been recognized as one of the popularized services within distributed leader technology. This has given its best all the time in providing all types of service to the customers. The services of Fast2SMS can satisfy every customer, services such as API SMS, sending OTP and notification through API, you can schedule your SMS for further reminders and so much more. 

7. The World Text

This is a reliable SMS gateway and has a web-based bulk SMS panel for sending SMS. TWT provides all the services that their clients need to reach their targeted audience. This is one of the transparent service providers, where the company has given all information to help its clients in every step. 

8. 2Factor

Being fast in giving its services the 2Factor services depends on PPD (Pay per delivered) OTP. Which gives its services in verification and other services as well. 

9. Exotel

There is a saying that the name of this bulk SMS provider’s name is enough to give its services in almost every field of SMS services all over the country. As of 2011, the service of this brand has helped many businesses whether they are any small or well-known businesses. However, Exotel has earned a name in providing its services to clients all over the country.

10. GupShup

However, GupShup has also created its image in providing its services to thousands of its clients. Which makes the company one of the best service providers in bulk SMS services. The services of this will engage you in a better conversation experience. Such as in commerce, marketing, support and Single API for all your messaging needs. 

11. Value First

Value First has connected several businesses to their consumers in the bulk SMS services which matter for every business. The company has had a good hand in providing services to the businesses for decades and it has given trusted services to every business ever.  

12. InfoBip

The services of InfoBip are globally where the company has improved consumer interactions, privacy, authentication and so much more. Where it deploys artificial intelligence or keyword Chabot which use the world’s most popular communication channels and this will help every customer with a lower cost. 

13. SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon is one of the best enterprise solution providers, as per its experience the company has good hands in providing the best solution to their customers that meets their needs. Seeing all these results shows that this has comprehensive services. 

14. Accept SMS

Accept SMS guarantees the best service in connectivity, similar features, best speed and delivery to the clients with best prices. The company provides its services on Whatsapp which is one of the best communication applications all over the world.

15. Kaleyra 

This is another API based platform that can help you communicate with your clients. Such as in chatbots, programmable voice messages and personalized messages. However, the company has worked with multi-brands whom you connect in your day to day life like Uber, WeChat, BNP Paribas, Zomato, Flipkart and more.  

16. Convertway

The Convertway is a cutting-edge SMS that empowers Shopify merchants to grow conversions effortlessly. At Convertway, we focus on three main parameters: Subscriber Growth by converting website visitors into first-time buyers and subscribers. More Conversions with automated, personalized messaging on SMS and WhatsApp and driving 40% additional revenue from their Existing Customers!

Wrapping up

In the end, we would like to say that whichever bulk service provider you choose to help your business must give you a return on your investment. As per best of our experience, we have given the best companies that can help you in approaching your customers.  

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