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How to get your HGV Licence?

How to get your HGV Licence?

HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) is a large part of the transportation industry. It has various types of licences attached to a single category that is HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles). These types of licences are based on various factors that can be the vehicle, or the other aspects like weight, or material of the weight carried, etc. HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) are also known by the name LGV (Large Goods Vehicles). You can also see about HGV licence Cost to understand what all is needed and for what you need to pay to get an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) licence.

Why do you need an HGV licence?

The answer to this question is simple. As if you want to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes of weight, you will require an HGV licence. You cannot use your full driver’s licence that is usually the category B licence for HGV driving. It is considered illegal if you use a category B licence for HGV driving. Instead of this, you need to have the category C, C+E, C1, and C1+E for HGV driving. It is also said that these category vehicles are rigid.

Eligibility for an HGV licence

To have an HGV licence in place you need to be 18 years of age and should hold a driver CPC and pass a medical, theory, and a practical test respectively.

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What is CPC in HGV Driving?

CPC is commonly known as a Certificate of professional competence. It is required when you are operating a commercial vehicle with more than 3.5 tonnes of weight. This states that you will need to add on CPC qualification with an HGV licence. To gain this qualification you need to cover these four steps which are listed below:

1. First, you need to give a theory test which is similar to the theory test for an HGV driving licence.

2. Then you need to clear the Driver CPC (Certificate of professional competence)case study test.

3. You should have an assured Driving Ability Test.

4. You also need to give the Driver CPC (Certificate of professional competence) demonstration test.

How to apply for HGV (Heavy Goods vehicle test) Driving Licence?

There are various steps that are to be followed to gain the HGV driving licence. These steps are referred to in detail.

1. Firstly you need to apply for a vehicle operator licence.

2. You need to book a theory test which is categorized into three categories known as theory test, Hazard perception theory test, and case studies.

3. You need to book your driving ability test, which is the practical test.

4. Complete practical demonstration test.

5. NVT Card.

Different categories have different prerequisites and minimum requirements based upon:

1. Class -C1 requires a minimum age of 18 years and a class B licence as a prerequisite.

2. Class- C1E requires a minimum age of 18 years and a class C1 licence beforehand.

3. Class C requires a class B licence as a prerequisite and a minimum of 18 years of age.

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