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Why Should You Invest in Ludo Game Development?

Why Should You Invest in Ludo Game Development?

With the days passing, the world is moving towards a new mode of entertainment. That name is gaming which is not traditional gaming but online gaming. The statistics of Newzoo, a gaming analyst, reveal that television entertainment will fall nearly 8% from 2019 to 2021. In comparison, the gaming industry has been watching a boom of 10% from 2019 to 2021. Out of which 14% of this, 10% are from the gaming industries of China. Behind this rise in gaming are young and adult individuals who constantly provide support to it. Let us take the example of one of the traditional games that evolved in online formats is Ludo game development. Everybody knows this game because Ludo is playing everywhere but in different names. 

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Owing to the growing demand for Ludo, investors are attracted towards Ludo game development. A notable reason for investment in Ludo game development is, it requires less money to develop.

Why should we spend on Ludo Game App Development?

We know the gaming industry is undoubtedly a high-risk and high-earning market. The whole video gaming market now will reach $150 billion in 2021. In 1995, only 100 million users played the game, and now it comes to 3 billion users per day playing video games on mobile. Out of this, 80% are smartphone game players. It implies that each person spends 24 minutes per day in a video game. From the information, we can understand how lucrative investment in Ludo game software development is.

Sources of Investment in Ludo Game Development Company

Online Ludo game development is not easy for startups or small investors. So they go for initial public offerings or other fund gathering methods. Why does the company need this fund? They need funds for fulfilling the specifications which they provide for the audience. They hire Ludo game developers to prepare the right kinds of game ludo game software. We know the developer’s cost is not less.


Regardless of giant industries, any venture gets a high amount of funds from this. Particularly family and friends put a bit of money in there. According to the Statista report, from the initial public offering, all ventures globally have collected handsome funds that are $60 billion per year. Why gaming industries will lag in taking benefits from this. Lots of gaming startups take this fund to generate highly featured games.


Crowdfunding is a small fund that gathers from a large number of people. For instance, 500 people put $5000. Various platforms support money from crowdfunding like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Those individuals who invest large amounts of funds call investors. But to take the attention of external funding is a complex task. Some game development companies offer an opportunity to ludo software developers to put their service instead of profit.

Government Investment Funds

Some governments are interested in the gaming market, and they create a platform to invest money from the investors. For example, the British Gaming Fund is run by the International Trade Department of the United Kingdom. The British gaming fund has collected almost 25000 Euro till now for gaming.

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Private Investment Funds

Multinational companies take part in raising funds for gaming development. For instance, Goldman Sachs invests $200 million in Voodoo’s French game company. 

Why We Invest Money In Ludo Game Development

1. Extremely Growing Game Market

The gamers’ involvement created a boom in the ludo game software development industry. It crossed over the $139 billion mark in 2018, a different way forward to $150 billion. Out of which 10% are from online ludo games. Continuous monetary inclusion creates an opinion in the mind of the investors and public to land their fund in the ludo game app development

This game growth is long-term, so investors do not worry about their money and get a considerable profit from this investment. 

2. Enhancing Innovation in Mobile Games

At the beginning of the gaming industry, the games supported only the Windows platform, implying that they were being played on a trim level of users. After the advent of android, the game is available on smartphones, which is the most turn in the revenue of the gaming industries. Many developers regularly work on creating the high graphic ludo game development company, which runs on the cheapest android version.

As mobile technology is growing, the gaming industries are growing. Thus we do not take the trouble to spend money on online ludo games. It will be lucrative for us because smartphones reach every end of the world, and those smartphones are the heart of the profit from the competition.

3. Growth in Gamers or Users

Technological innovation is spreading from one end to the other end of the globe. That helps to reach remote work or hinterland people unaware of electronic gadgets. Now, they are using a smartphone fluently. After they get in touch with the smartphone, they know about the games. Thereby raising the number of gamers in the countries, either privileged or underprivileged. 

We can understand how many gamers are engrossed in ludo game development from this paragraph. Due to this, people are playing the Ludo game as it is one of the most famous games. Since multiple users can play this game, it attracts many audiences, like friends or families. We can say that investment in Ludo game software development is fruitful for investors or entrepreneurs from any angle.

4. Highly Secure Platform

Due to fraudulent activities, investors are afraid of landing their money into online businesses. As soon as technology spreads, the same cybercrime is expanding. It means that every investor wants a highly secure platform where their profits, patents, and money will be safe. The ludo development company focuses on specific investment gaming platforms to resolve this issue, and for which they hire ludo game developers who are highly skilled. 

Now there are three authentication layers in the ludo game. The first one has one-time password authentication. The second one is email identity login, and the third one is security pin code login. 

We can say why investors are expanding their money in large quantities from the above security provision.

5. Adoption of Technological Alteration

The world is transforming at a breakneck pace since new technologies come to the market every month, similar to the game. The gaming experience is improving day by day with these technologies. For instance, the game was played on the computer; now, it is playable on a smartphone. Another example is earlier, and we played the game in 2-dimensional modes, which is now available in 3D and 4D methods. These are the causes why more and more users’ engagement is increasing. As per the report, every person spends 24 minutes playing a game daily. 

These aspects help us to understand. How much will the ludo game be profitable in the future as technologies evolve continuously? So if you are interested in investing in the ludo game, you can do as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

6. Moderate and Quick Revenue Model

When you develop a game, you can start earning from that time. How can it be possible? Suppose you create a ludo game. After that, how many players will join this game and play by downloading your ludo game app development? How many downloads of your ludo application, and did you earn that much amount. That is the downloading basis-making model.

We know Ludo is a multiple-player game, so 2 to 6 players will get their money. Your earning starts now from the whole bet amount, and your charge 10% of the entire amount. 

The above ways explain how you can earn money quickly by developing the ludo game. 

7. Promotion of Your Brand

From the ludo game, you can expand your brand to do WhatsApp Marketing or promotion. The answer is, you advertise your brand or third-party brand in the middle of the game, and that enhances your earning with promotion. When you promote third parties’ products, you take some charges from them. 

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No doubt about the gaming industries, which are expanding like a wildfire. The ludo game is also growing in one of the reputed online games. Apart from that, the ludo game is easily understood or played, so it is played by the users frequently. Suppose investors put their money in the right ludo game development company. They will earn much more from their investment. 

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