Building a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

Building a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, YouTube marketing is a mystery. Some businesses wonder: “Is it really worth the effort?” Others aren’t sure where to begin or how they can boost their YouTube marketing efforts. What strategies really work, and what would be a good use of time for your small business?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, which means it has almost as much influence as Google. But running a successful YouTube marketing strategy isn’t always easy to do alone. Maybe you’re just getting started with your first channel, or maybe you’re looking to take your channel, or business brand, up a notch.

Either way, if you want to get started building your viewer base and boosting engagement with content marketing techniques, I’ve got the most important tips that will help give you that boost of audience growth you might be needing.

Optimize Your Channel Page

Optimizing your channel page is a must, but it certainly isn’t an overnight success strategy. You have to be patient with this process –it can take quite a long time to rank your videos well on YouTube. For those considering a faceless YouTube channel, focusing on optimization becomes even more critical, as the lack of a personal connection needs to be compensated with high-quality content and strategic channel management.

Before your channel is ready to be found in search results, you need to make sure that the content on your channel page matches up with what’s being searched. You can influence what videos are shown when someone searches for a keyword-relevant to your business. But if your video is about something completely different, it may not come up when people look for your product or service in search.

To get started, you’ll need to subscribe to your own channel and make sure that all of the videos on your page are relevant (this may mean removing some irrelevant videos). You’ll then want to use keywords in the “About” text for your channel, be sure the title of each video is relevant, and include accurate video descriptions. When you’re good to go live with your channel page, check out this guide for optimizing your YouTube channel.

Embed YouTube Widget 

Another great and one of the best YouTube marketing moves is to embed YouTube widget on your website. The YouTube landscape comprises a diverse variety of video content that is accessed by millions on a daily basis. 

Looking at its popularity, brands have adopted this method and display YouTube videos in the form of a widget on marketing touchpoints like the brand website. The embedding process can be completed by using a leading social media aggregator like Tagembed. The tool allows the users to easily collect and integrate YouTube widgets on the website. The best part is the responsiveness of the tool. 

It comes with a set of features that can be used to take the effectiveness of the YouTube widget much higher. This comprehensive tool comes with a wide range of customization options, a profanity filter, advanced analytics for tracking the performance of the YouTube widget, and 24×7 back support assistance. 

Overall, this tool is great and the process can be completed in a few steps. Moreover, there is a chance that all your competitors are highly using this strategy in their business’s growth. If you have not yet used it, then you are missing out on a lot! Don’t you think? 

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YouTube Reporting & Analytics

If you’re going to manage a successful YouTube marketing strategy, it’s important to understand how well you’re doing from an analytics perspective. You can track views, audience retention, subscribers, engagement rates, and more to help you figure out what’s working well.

The YouTube Analytics app provides useful insights into how your videos are performing. You’ll be able to see the data for each video in your channel separately so you can find out which videos are driving traffic away from YouTube and need to be taken down and which videos are gaining momentum.

Every video on YouTube has a unique URL you can give out to your viewers and share across other social media platforms. If you like potential customers to find your latest videos easily, I recommend creating a custom landing page that includes a direct link for each one of them. You may want to consider creating a YouTube channel for your business or sharing YouTube videos on your website.

Influencer Marketing On YouTube

If you like to get more views on your videos, try partnering up with influencers who have a similar audience as yours or an audience that overlaps. These aren’t the same as celebrities – they’re social media “admins” who have a large following across several platforms. It’s important to find someone whose online presence is natural and authentic to your brand image. Influencer marketing is about finding passionate people who use their influence in the right way – because if they promote products or services that go against their values, their followers won’t trust them anymore.

You can find influencers that will collaborate with your company by doing some research. Here are a few places you can start:

· Search YouTube for channels in the same niche

· Search Twitter using hashtags related to your business or industry and display the amazing Twitter widget for your business growth

· See who shares links to other sites in their tweets (these could be potential partners)

After finding influencers whose values align with your own, contact them to let them know why they should partner up with you. This isn’t about offering money – it’s about introducing two audiences who would benefit from meeting each other. Remember, if you’re asking someone to promote your content on their page, always send over free samples or other related gifts. And don’t abuse your partnership by spamming them constantly – find ways to be helpful and provide value first, then ask if they’d like to promote your content.

Types Of Videos To Try On YouTube

There are no rules to follow when it comes to video marketing – but there are plenty of types of videos you should try at least once. The most popular type of video is an explainer video (or ‘explainer’ for short). This is a short (2-3 minutes) clip that gives viewers context for whatever you’re selling. It’s the perfect way to break down complicated concepts into something simple, plus it can help with search engine optimization. People also love watching how-to videos about all sorts of topics from cooking to coding – if you’re providing value, people will watch.

If you want to drive more traffic from YouTube, I strongly recommend trying out a branded video. Longer than a typical explainer, the goal of a branded video is to answer questions about your company that potential customers might have. You can post these videos to your YouTube channel and share them across other social media platforms as well – but make sure you don’t reuse anything from an explainer or other type of video. 

When it comes down to choosing which types of videos work best for your business, there’s no better way than testing out each option. You can start by trying out a few different types to see what works best, then go from there. No matter what you choose, always include an intro video that helps viewers understand what you’re all about. Once they know who you are, they’ll be more likely to check out your other videos as well.

Video Editing Tools

The only way you’ll know if your video is effective is by watching it through to the end – which means you need to make sure it’s high quality. The last thing you want is for viewers to become bored or distracted by poor audio or pixelated footage in low light. While many people are still intimidated by editing programs like, don’t be afraid of learning how to use them because they’re actually quite simple. YouTube even has its own live streaming platform that allows you to create professional broadcasts with effects and transitions in just minutes.

Once you’ve got your content ready, share it across social media networks with links back to your website so people can explore more information about your business.

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Summing It Up

There’s so much content these days that it can be hard to stand out. But if you want to use YouTube marketing effectively, you need to think about who you’re trying to reach and how they will recognize your brand. If your videos are helpful, informative, or entertaining – people will watch them. Then it’s just a matter of showcasing to them what you can offer so they’ll take the next step.

Remember, the best thing about marketing on YouTube is that it’s 100% free to try out. So start uploading videos today and see how many people check out your business after watching.

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