Ghani Movie Review: The Sports Drama Inspires You To Sit Back & Watch

Ghani Movie Review: The Sports Drama Inspires You To Sit Back & Watch

Ghani Movie Review: Ghani stars Satya Manjrekar, Upendra Sunil Shetty and Jagupati Babu. The film is directed by Kiran Korrapati. Varandej is the son of a boxer. Who was disgraced in front of the whole nation for taking drugs in the finals of a national boxing tournament?

The little kid who was also the little kid in Jersey is like a specialist child actor for sports movies. This kid promises his mother that he will never take to the sport of boxing. But he secretly competes in amateur tournaments in Vizag sports movies in general and boxing movies in particular. However, an overhaul of the beats of this movie is pretty much similar to every single boxing movie. Have you ever watched a Rocky revenge redemption family? Ghani IMDb

These are themes that we have watched a number of times. And that makes the beats of this movie very predictable. You from some of the embarrassment by racing. Through the first half of course there is a love story. So, Because even in the word glove there is love for Syed Manjrekar. Whose role is as interesting as the commentary of Sanjay Manjurekar is made to stand next to the hero.  And encouraging him all through his journey to be completely honest the film had my attention till its midpoint writer-director Kiran puts a few twists and turns to keep your interest in the first half.

But it is when the meat of the film really begins. When it begins to dip we are given an extended flashback. Where we get to see two old men fighting each other like hey life insurance back pain and your interest is gone. Thus, before you can say the details related. Nevertheless, the sport is well placed and overall the film is well-intended but it is held back. So, by its overall generic nature in the story take, for example, Jaguar Babu.  Ghani Movie Review

Who again plays a coach in the last few months? We have seen him be the coach for archery for shooting. And now in boxing in a way, Jagupathi babu is the national coach in Indian films. The characterization of the film is also all one note: everybody is either piously good or soul-crushingly evil. However, the story has some surprises in the first half but fails to land any punches later honestly. The movie Ghani is not a bad movie, it is just painfully generic in every sense of the term. So, when an item number featuring Tamanna comes on you are already knocked out with boredom credit though to Taman.

Who returns as yes yes Taman whipping up a thumping soundtrack for. This movie says Manchuria is just there in the movie. So, therefore, sometimes you see her and you are like oh she’s there that’s nice. So Neil Shetty looks cool in the movie but there is not much else happening. 

Therefore, the part transforms into a boxer regardless of the emotions in the film or his acting.  They just fail to pack a punch and by the end, you begin to crave some knockout strong beer. I wanted to bite off somebody’s ear in frustration. The newly released movie Ghani is an earnest film. But has nothing going for it in terms of newness. Though, it is basically Amma nanna or Telanai. 

Though the movie is not so bad there is still a story. That will entertain you when you watch the movie. This is a sports drama action movie from the Tollywood cinema. In the movie, Ghani Sunil Shetty and his mother are the ones that inspire him to do his best. But on the other hand, he hates his father and thinks that his father is not much interested in letting him continue with boxing.

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