Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste

Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste

Ever thought about playing a harmless prank on your friends with ‘Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste’? Lucky for you! Learn how to send fake error messages to make them think they’re blocked or disconnected. Dive into the fun with our simple guide!

Check out error message examples for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Learn how to automate sending fake texts for a fun time. Let’s dive into the world of prank text messages and have some laughs!

What is a Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste?

A Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste is like a ready-made fake error you can easily copy and send in a chat. People use it for pranks to make it seem like a real error from a company or app. It’s a fast way to play around without making up a message. But remember, use them wisely to avoid causing confusion or misunderstandings.

Fake error messages may appear genuine from companies, authorities, or apps, but they are pranks or deceptive messages.

Sometimes, friends or family might play a prank by sending fake error messages. Make sure it looks real to avoid awkward moments. Be cautious, as hackers or scammers can use this trick to get your personal information.

How Does “Fake Error Message Text Copy and Paste” Work?

In a fake error message, the sender crafts a text using technical language and format similar to real company or app error messages. They may use complex terms or codes to make it seem genuine. Adding a link or contact number for a fake support centre can enhance its authenticity. However, be cautious as such practices can be misleading or cause confusion.

Why is it important to be careful with fake error message text?

Indeed, fake error messages can be a funny prank among loved ones. However, it carries risks, as hackers or scammers could exploit the same tactic.

If they gain access to your mobile number or insert malware, they might send deceptive messages with harmful links or contact numbers.

This could lead to the compromise of your phone information, including contacts, passwords, videos, and pictures. Stay vigilant to protect your privacy.

There’s a humorous side to pranks like lucky draws or free giveaways, but it’s crucial to be cautious. Fake messages might be sent to hack your mobile or insert viruses.

While pranking can be fun, it’s essential to be mindful of potential risks. Stay vigilant and prioritize your online security to protect yourself from hackers or scammers using deceptive tactics.

Certainly, after reading this, you might be eager to try the same prank with your friends. If you’re unsure about what to send, don’t worry!

In the following section, we’ll discuss a few major and popular ideas for fake error message text copy and paste. Let’s dive right into it without further delay!

What Message Does It Say When Text Is Blocked?

Blocking someone on social media or messaging platforms isn’t always obvious to the other person. Recently, a trendy prank involves sending fake messages to make friends think they’ve been blocked on your end. It adds a playful twist to the typical blocking scenario.

Yes, you can prank someone and make them think they’ve been blocked without actually blocking them. You can send fake messages or create scenarios that mimic the experience of being blocked, such as using fake error messages or pretending to disable your account.

It’s essential to note that pranks should be light-hearted and not intended to cause harm or distress. Always consider the feelings and reactions of the person involved, and ensure the prank is in good fun.

People enjoy pranking their friends with a trick where an error message shows up when they try to text someone who supposedly blocked them. It’s like a fake ‘The person you are trying to reach’ text message. Just remember, keep it light and fun!

So what are some examples of error messages any user can copy and paste to send to their friends to prank them into thinking that they have been blocked by their dear friend?

Verizon Disconnected Text Message Examples

If you’re a Verizon user and looking to prank your friends with a fake error message, here’s a simple guide to follow:

  1. Open your text messaging app.
  2. Locate the contact of the person you want to prank.
  3. Copy and paste the following message into the conversation:


Sending this message can lead your friend to believe they’ve been disconnected from the conversation. It’s a straightforward yet effective prank that might cause a bit of confusion and bring some amusement! Just make sure it’s all in good fun.

AT&T Disconnected Text Message Examples

If you use AT&T and want to join the fun of sending fake error messages to your friends, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open your text messaging app.
  2. Find the contact of the person you want to prank.
  3. Copy and paste the following message into the conversation:


By using this message, you can create the illusion that the other user has been disconnected from the text message conversation. It’s a clever way to trick your friends and share a good laugh! Just make sure it’s all in good fun.

T-Mobile Disconnected Text Message Examples

For T-Mobile users looking to have some fun, follow these steps to send fake error messages to your friends:

  1. Open your text messaging app.
  2. Locate the contact of the person you want to prank.
  3. Copy and paste one of the following messages into the conversation:



By using these messages, you can playfully make your friends believe they’ve been blocked or disconnected. It’s a harmless prank that can add some excitement to your day! Just ensure it’s all in good fun and everyone enjoys the lighthearted moment.

How to Automate the Process of Sending Fake Disconnected Text Messages

While manually copying and pasting fake messages can be entertaining, there are ways to automate the process for greater efficiency. Here are two methods you can use:

1. Block Their Number For Real:

If you want the prank to appear more authentic, you can block the person’s number. This can be easily undone later, so don’t worry about any long-term consequences. To block someone’s number on your device, follow these steps:

  • Open your text messaging app.
  • Locate the contact of the person you want to block.
  • Click on their name at the top of the chat screen.
  • Look for the option to block the user and confirm your decision.

Now, whenever the person tries to text you or send a response, they will receive an error message indicating that they have been disconnected. It’s a clever way to prank your friends and make them believe they have been blocked! Just remember to reveal the prank and undo the block later to keep it lighthearted.

2. Set Up Call Forwarding With Google Voice:

Another option is to utilize Google Voice to automate the process of sending fake error messages. With Google Voice, you can set up call forwarding and customize the messages sent to the caller. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Set up a new Google Voice phone number.
  • Go to the Google Voice website and sign up for a personal number.
  • Once you have a number, you can set it up to receive calls and forward them to your cell phone.
  • Customize the messages that are played or sent when someone tries to contact you.

By using Google Voice, you gain more control over the prank, creating a more realistic experience for your friends. It’s a great way to add some tech-savvy flair to your pranks! Enjoy the fun responsibly!

Are There Third-Party Apps That’ll Allow You to Send Fake Messages?

While Google Voice is a reliable option for automating fake text messages, there are also other third-party apps available. These apps can offer additional features and customization options for your prank texts. Here are a few popular ones:

1. Fake Text Message:

This app enables you to generate and send realistic-looking fake text messages. Customize the sender, message content, and even the time stamp for a convincing prank text. It’s a great tool for playful and realistic pranks!

2. Prank Texts:

Prank Texts offers a selection of pre-written prank messages or lets you create your own. You can also schedule messages for later. Perfect for surprising friends with unexpected and humorous texts!

3. Text Repeater:

Text Repeater is a straightforward app that lets you send repetitive fake messages to your friends. Set the number of message repetitions and the interval between each. It’s a fun way to playfully annoy your friends with a barrage of fake texts!

These third-party apps can elevate your prank texting experience and offer more customization options. However, it’s crucial to use them responsibly and consider the feelings of the person you’re pranking. Ensure the pranks remain lighthearted and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ideas For Fake Error Message

Certainly! Here are some ideas for fake error messages that can make your pranks sound realistic and authentic:

1. Fake blocked number text messages

If you’re bored of sending jokes, try a prank that seems real—make your friends think you’ve blocked them. Just be sure to reveal it’s a joke soon after to keep it light and fun for everyone.

Here are some examples of templates:

  • T-Mobile SMS ERROR: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked incoming text messages from this number.
  • T-Mobile SMS ERROR: Message delivery failed. Further messages will be charged to your account.
  • SMS SERVICE ERROR 202: Message delivery failed.
  •  Further messages will be charged to your account.
  • “SMS ERROR: The phone number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.”
  • SMS error: The subscriber you are trying to reach has blocked incoming text messages from this number.

With these templates, pranking your friends and family becomes a breeze!

2. Make Your Friend that your number has been disconnected

If you aim to create the illusion of your number being cancelled or disconnected, consider using these ideas:

  • We’re Sorry You Have Reached A Number That Has Been Disconnected Or Is No Longer In Service.
  • Message to [insert your phone number] failed: Network problem. (for Verizon users)
  • Error 97: SMS origination denied. (for Verizon users)
  • 3412154 Error Invalid Number. Please resend using a valid 10-digit mobile number or valid short code. (for AT&T users)

3. Prank them with hilarious fake text messages

With these text messages, you can prank your friend with realistic and amusing fake messages. Check out some ideas below for a good laugh!

  • Alert: Until the cheeseburger is delivered to our office, your mobile account will be temporarily blocked. once the order is delivered, your account will be restored
  • Warning: Verizon has detected a severe shortage of jokes in your messages. To restore full functionality, reply with your favourite knock-knock joke.
  • Error: The Universe Has Crashed.

4. Fake Error 404 Text Messages

By playfully confusing them with a fake error message like “error 404,” you’re in for a hilarious joke. Here are some examples for a good laugh:

  • Error 404: This phone number does not exist. Please check the number and try again.
  • Error 404: Phone number not found.
  • Error 404: Text message delivery failed. Please check your network connection and try again.

These ideas can add a fun twist to pranking loved ones with fake error text messages. However, it’s essential to be aware of the downsides associated with fake error message text copy and paste.


Pranking friends with fake error message text copy and paste can be a hilarious way to spice up your conversations. Whether you use Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you now have the know-how to craft convincing fake messages, making friends believe they’ve been blocked or disconnected.

Automation methods, like blocking numbers or using Google Voice, can enhance the prank. Remember, prank responsibly, taking into account everyone’s feelings. Enjoy the fun and happy pranking!

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