Software Testing YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

Software Testing YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

Software testing is an integral part of the development process. This step ensures that your software application is capable enough not to be released into the market and provides the best possible user experience. Software testing helps to validate your software application. There are various types of testing, such as compatibility testing, usability testing, web device testing, etc. All these tests have a specific purpose. 

There are many tools and frameworks available on the market. However, appropriate information and a step-by-step guide are needed to perform automation testing with these software tools. You can learn them by trial and error, but it is not recommended. It will become easy if you first try to understand the software automation testing concepts. 

To do this, you must follow some YouTube channels providing such content. This article will show you the most popular and recommended YouTube channels to follow in 2024. These channels can be utilized by both professionals and freshers in the software testing field.

Best Software Testing YouTube Channels To Follow In 2024

Let’s look at the top popular channels to follow in 2024 if you want to enhance your software testing skills.


LambdaTest is a comprehensive test orchestration and execution platform that leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate the seamless and efficient running of manual and automated tests on a large scale. Focusing on providing a versatile testing environment, LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that lets you run manual and automated tests at scale with over 3000+ real devices, browsers, and OS combinations.

LambdaTest YouTube channel has swiftly risen in popularity, boasting a hefty 25K subscribers. This channel delivers videos covering subjects like Selenium, Cypress, TestNG, pytest, and various others aimed at enriching expertise and proficiency in software testing.

Automation Step by Step

This software testing channel is started and run by Raghav Pal. It is a popular and recommended YouTube channel for software automation testing enthusiasts. This automation testing channel on YouTube is impressive and helpful for everyone. On his YouTube channel, he tries to educate all aspirants who are eager to get software automation testing knowledge and make their career in this field. This channel covers some emerging technologies and practices for software testing, such as DevOps, Automation Testing, CI/CD pipeline, and more. 

This channel has a vast user base. Around 100,000 subscribers learn from it. All these subscribers were added to the channel in just two years, which made it a viral YouTube channel. This channel has fundamental and easy-to-understand concepts of automation testing. This ease and primary way of education became one of the significant points of this channel’s growth.

Software Testing Material

Software Testing Material is a famous YouTube channel Rajkumar SM runs for automation and software testing aspirants. This channel consists of full-fledged training courses and special training sessions for the aspirants. You can also get personal mentorship if you wish. They have outstanding mentorship for personal training and doubt sessions, too. With access to multiple video tutorials, you can also learn from various articles on the site around prescribed areas. 

This channel consists of various automation and software testing tutorials and specific types of testing. You can get tutorials for manual testing, automation testing, Selenium with TestNG, VBScript, and some popular frameworks like Maven, Jenkins, etc. One of the significant factors behind this channel’s popularity is the quality of videos they provide for preparations on Agile development in association with MS Excel, GitHub, etc.

Software Testing Help

This software testing channel is one of the best YouTube channels, and it provides very realistic and genuine content on various software automation testing topics, such as best practices for automation and manual testing. As we know, Selenium is the most preferred tool for browser testing. It is also covered in this channel. It allows you to study contents from executing Selenium-based automation testing, how to use the best testing frameworks, get the best testing results from these tools, etc. 

Whether you are an expert in automation testing or a new fresher, you can visit this YouTube channel and improve your skills and knowledge. This channel is one of the oldest channels in the field of automation testing. It has been serving for a long time and helps many testing communities get the best content. There are also blogs and training videos that can be utilized to increase testing knowledge. Blogs and short videos help to give an overview, and you can use them to revise the topic quickly. All the videos on this channel are free to watch, and you can learn software testing per your requirements.

Naveen Automation Lab

Naveen is a lab automation and another software automation testing YouTube channel that is very popular. It has yet to be a perfect channel, but it is gaining popularity quickly. It has a collection of valuable information on software testing. This channel is made and run by Naveen, an SDET / Automation Architect. His passion for automating things made him a great mentor and teacher on automation testing topics. That’s why he opened a YouTube channel and started to educate automation testing enthusiasts online. 

The channel owner himself is fond of creating custom tools for productivity/process improvement, building test automation frameworks from scratch, and setting up CI/CD pipelines. You can also get JVM technologies such as Selenium-WebDriver, JMeter, and QTP/UFT tutorials. This channel has more than 318k subscribers. 

Software Testing Mentor

Manish Verma runs this software testing channel. He is a lead trainer at RCV Academy and is a great software testing mentor. He has 16+ years of experience in IT and testing. So, he has experience in several top tech companies such as IBM, Capgemini, etc. You can get access to various automation testing topics such as manual testing, automation testing, and performance testing, covering testing tools like Selenium WebDriver, Katalon Studio, Jenkins, and many other programming languages. 

Apart from this, this channel also gives some of the best career advice and mock interview sessions. There are more than 101 subscribers to this channel. You can also get the QA preparations on this YouTube channel. Although this channel was created in 2011, it has a massive subscriber base. All these factors made this testing channel a must-follow channel in 2024. 

The Testing Academy

The Testing Academy is a popular software testing channel on YouTube that Pramod Dutta runs. He has more than ten years of experience in the specific field. That is one of the reasons why his channel is so popular. If a person has good experience in testing, he will be able to guide and teach others. This channel covers many software testing concepts, such as Selenium, Cucumber, etc. An important factor that makes this channel famous is its focus on real-time projects, career mentorships, etc. 

This channel has some great, productive, and advanced career solutions that can help anyone looking to make a career in software automation testing. This testing channel has more than 92.6k subscribers and is growing continuously. 

Evil Tester – Software Testing

This YouTube channel is run and managed by Alan Richardson. It consists of a mixture of skill, attitude, and pragmatism. This combination helps to test and QA aspirants get better education and content related to software development and automation testing. The channel owner, Alan Richardson, is an expert consultant and mentor with 25+ years of experience. He has shared his software testing experience throughout the videos to help you build an extensive skill set in software testing. 

Apart from providing testing tutorials on a YouTube channel, he has written some books on software testing, including Dear Evil Tester and Java for Testers. Also, some new tutorials have been added recently to his YouTube channel. These topics are API Challenges, Mirror Mode overview, Software Testing practices, and more.

Mukesh Otwani

This YouTube channel is run by the tech expert Mukesh Motwani. He has a great experience in the field of automation testing. Their channel has more than 155k subscribers. Mukesh Otwani channel offers software testing concepts in an easy-to-understand language and comprehensive manner. Also, code examples such as Selenium, Maven, Appium, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, and RPA are included to explain the concepts better. Apart from this, the channel also consists of many career-turning preparation tips and advice videos. They provide education at a professional level. You can also get a live session there, which helps shape your career in the automation testing field. 


This YouTube channel is a very famous YouTube channel for learning software testing and related stuff. It was started on September 1, 2009. It is a straightforward and comprehensive platform for software testing enthusiasts, mainly manual testing. This channel has a specific video playlist consisting of 24 videos. The name of this playlist is “Software Testing Training –Manual Testing Basics for Beginners.” This playlist has a total of 2,293,209 views, and it covers many topics, such as the basics of manual testing, testing principles, stages of software development and software testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, etc. They follow a traditional and organized way of teaching the concepts. There are more than 236k subscribers on this channel.

SDET- QA Automation Techie

This famous YouTube channel is organized and run by Pavan. It was started in April 2013. He offers a vast range of automation testing tutorials for topics such as automation testing for beginners, various programming languages, software application development cycles, etc. This YouTube channel lets you get specific topics such as Selenium Protractor, JMeter, Docker, etc. A considerable number of subscribers follow this channel. There are both freshers and experienced ones on this channel to get mock interviews and career guidance sessions. The content of these videos is very organized and easy to understand. There are more than 542k subscribers on this channel.


Many online resources provide free tutorials, interview advice, and best practices you must follow in your testing activities. Some of these YouTube channels have grown due to their appropriate and easy-to-learn content. They achieved a significant milestone in terms of subscribers. In this article, you have gone through some of the best and most popular YouTube channels that provide great content related to software automation testing and development. Happy Learning!

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