Fashion and Styling: Fashion is your personality

Fashion and Styling: Fashion is your personality

Fashion and Styling: Fashion reveals your personality. American fashion icon Beyoncé says that fashion is what sets you apart. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. With the perfect combination of high fashion and street fashion, you can stay trendy at a low cost.

Fashion stalwarts say you can make your mark. The distinction between fashion and style should be taken into account. I spoke to renowned fashion designer Shruti Sancheti and renowned stylist Amit Diwekar about what fashion is and what to do to look classy. Amit Diwekar has styled for Hollywood celebrity Cate Blanket, pop singer Shakira.

He has also done costume designing for some films. Shruti Sancheti is one of the leading designers working on Indian textiles and has her own fashion label.

Fashion and style are different things

Fashion and Styling: 3 Fashion and style are two different things. In my opinion, fashion is – every season different designers in the field of fashion present for you some different experiments from their collections. The fashion they make for you. New trends emerge from this fashion and then those trends start appearing everywhere. You can see this trend everywhere from big branded stores to street shops.

You can still be fashionable no matter where and where you can buy it. Your choice is important here. A classy look can be achieved by using a branded jacket, old ripped blue jeans, a pair of shoes, chunky accessories. This is called styling. Styling with fashion is the key to the overall look. Before styling, you need to think about what looks good and how to look your best.

Your own unique style can be drawn by mixing your personality, mood, and enthusiasm with the latest fashion trends. This style will be the mirror of your personality.

Needs constant coordination with personality

Fashion is your personality. Your tendencies, your preferences, your vision are all expressed through your fashion sense. You can definitely get an idea of ​​your personality by your lifestyle, by your fashion. You can change your perceptions with the help of fashion.

I think fashion is a reflection of your preferences, your thoughts. Just sticking to the big brands or going for designer wear doesn’t mean you have to be fashionable. Everything you buy is not branded. This will not be possible, especially in college. You can get a classy look from small shops or even by shopping street side. For this, the technique of mix and match should be used.

More important is how you mix different brands to create your perfect look. Your choice should be smart, that is, the perfect combination of high fashion and street fashion. Branded labels are not always necessary to be fashionable or to ‘look classy’.

Fashion Passions: Personality and Fashion

It is important to think about what color will reveal your character, which design will cover up your personality flaws, and which fabric will reveal it.

Which color will reveal your character, which design will cover up your personality flaws, and which fabric will reveal it, all need to be considered.

In the previous article, we saw the important role of Hindi films in popularizing any fashion. Also, initially, there was a monopoly of fashion designers. Everything he designed was accepted immediately. As a customer or as a customer, it should not have its own opinions, demands, expectations. But blindly accepting any fashion is wrong.

Sometimes it feels very strange to carry such blindly accepted fashion. Hum Aapke Hai Koun, do you remember the parrot and white lehenga choli and choker necklace worn by Madhuri? Later I saw the same dress on many girls. Madhuri’s red dress with green lace was quite common in the same film. But guys, she’s cute.

How can a dress designed for her suit everyone? You have to understand that if you blindly follow his style then you can look very bad. And most importantly, the clothes are designed for the film. They look good on screen. But ordinary girls should also see how they look. Now the truth is that things have changed.

Now it seems that the fashion sense has increased a lot. Some words, concepts that used to belong only to designers, can now be heard from ordinary girls. Nowadays she designs clothes without sewing. Suggesting girls in designer languages ​​like Tux, Piping, Fingers, Yoke, Tassel is not new anymore. Everyone knows what color shade you want.

Fashion and Styling: Do you remember the housewife in the ad who said ‘Merawala Pink’ while choosing the wall color of the house? 20-25 years ago, consumers in the market were as careless and ignorant of their expectations as they are today. The difference between baby pink and rose pink is now well known to the average girl.

The awareness about fashion has increased so much through various mediums that now there is no need to go to the very expensive select designer to have a different style. Usually, your tailor can also give you trendy patterns as per your specifications. If everything turned out to be that simple, you might be wondering what is the job of us designers. Some people think that designing is awareness.

Fashion and Styling: Some people think that designing is glamour. But all this is half true. Because even if you know about fashion, it does not fit with everything. Even if you like the style in a fashion magazine and you get a dress of that style from your tailor, it does not look very good on you. It can also look good on your girlfriend’s body.

This is because not everyone has the same body, posture, stature, character, personality. If she wears a garment on her body, she looks fat, but if she wears the same garment, she is relieved. Combining this knowledge with some of the technicalities of designing can be the right design for an individual. An occasional design can be perfect.

Designing depends on what kind of fabric to use, what color to use, how to print, how to trim. It is important to think about which color will brighten up your character, which design will cover up your personality flaws, and which fabric will reveal it.

Out of Fashion: Festive Fashion!

Festivals have special significance not only in India but all over the world. But during these festivals there is always a bugaboo present in all the houses, that is the shopping for clothes, and farmer buys Tractor One minute not only for girls but also for boys.

Fashion and Styling: This is because the kurtas, salwars, and saris worn by Hausa during festivals lie in the wardrobe throughout the year. So it is unlikely that they will be able to use it next year. Because on one hand the trend of these clothes is gone and the latest clothes coming in the market are making your mark.

These clothes cannot be worn in the office or college throughout the year. So nowadays except for an important festival, wedding or ceremony, many people avoid buying thousands of clothes and jewelry.

Traditional or ethnic style clothing is always seen through the glazed windows of the market stalls. Every day while going by bus, checking websites online, one can dream of kneeling around these clothes for a minute, circling in an Anarkali, or walking around in a sari, leaving one’s hair loose.

But in the rainy season of Ain Shravan and Bhadrapada, in the heat of summer, traveling in such clothes is a punishment. If you want to solve this, the dressing should be simple but nice.

Fashion and Styling: The festival has a traditional dress, embroidery. I mean silk, lace, georgette. But this year the designers have done a different experiment. However, the look is given a western look while maintaining the traditional carvings, paintings, and motifs.

This means that the one-piece dress, kurta, salwar, t-shirt used for RV have remained the same but the way it is presented has changed. In the beginning, festival shopping is for bright colors, remember this equation.

The color of your clothes should be fresh. Of course, you can also create a nice tribal look by using earth tones. But it can look a bit monotonous, so give it that metallic sheen for sure. For that, you can use makeup or

Experimenting with fashion is a must

Fashion and Styling: good stone, silver jewelry. Experiment with extravagant outfits on festive days. You can diversify between prints and colors. Also, different types of clothes can be used. For example, wear a long kurta with a fringed skirt. A pink skirt will look great with a white muslin kurta or you can wear long shrugs and ankle-length pants by keeping the kurta short.

Try wearing leather cowboy heels instead of the usual Mozadi or Kolhapuri chappals. Or wear a nice denim jacket over a long kurta. You can easily carry such a look in an office or college. Also with a little jewelry, the look will be ready for the party.

Looking good and fresh is more important than wearing expensive clothes on the day of the festival. Traditional motifs are in vogue these days. Used dresses, maxi, kurtas with this motif are available in the market. These clothes are made of comfortable fabrics like cotton, muslin, linen which keeps the look casual.

You can wear good jewelry with them. Jewelry belts are in trend these days. The waistband also looks great on the kurta. Try a long ethnic scarf over a summer dress. There has been a huge variety of palazzos over the past few seasons. Crop tops or off-shoulder tunics can be worn with these on festive days. Maxi dresses and skirts or cotton pants would look cool.

Instead of wearing a scarf, as usual, drape it like a sari pad. Change the look of the dress. These are small tricks, but they make a difference in the general look. So, what’s the point of trying a trendy ethnic look at festivals this year, leaving the festive wear aside!

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