Haier Refrigerator Review 2022: Everything you need to know

Haier Refrigerator Review 2022: Everything you need to know

Haier Refrigerator: Haier is a Chinese multinational giant that specializes in manufacturing a wide gamut of refrigerators. It is synonymous with high-end products made of breakthrough technologies. The refrigerators it manufactures are highly sought-after for their fabulous functionalities and reasonable prices. 

If you’re looking to buy a Haier fridge model or any branded refrigerator, then you can come across some cool and exciting new-age features.  From giving backup during a sudden power cut to stabilizer-free operation, there are many things to look forward to. If you’re not acquainted with the features of a Haier refrigerator, here are some interesting things you should know.

Benefits of Haier Refrigerator

1. Special Diamond edge freezer technology

The latest models of Haier fridge come equipped with Special Diamond edge freezer technology which preserves the freshness of food items stored with its uniform cooling effect for 4-5 even when there is an abrupt power failure or the device is switched off. The Special Diamond edge freezer technology is a groundbreaking feature that only Haier refrigerators offer. The technology also ensures ice formation remains firm.

2. Stabilizer free operation

Most of the fridges show signs of damage or start malfunctioning because of voltage fluctuations. It generally burns a hole in your pocket compelling you to spend huge on repairing the refrigerator. But the latest models of Haier fridge come complete with Stabilizer free operation which safeguards your refrigerator from voltage fluctuation. The device operates in a range of 135-290V to shield the compressor & from the abrupt fluctuation of power.

3. Extended warranty periods

Haier is offering comprehensive warranty periods with all the models. When you purchase any new Haier fridge you automatically become eligible for a manufacturer’s warranty covering manufacturing defects in parts and labour for servicing. Hence if you find any issue with this branded refrigerator, just get in touch with the customer care service, and get it fixed instantaneously!

4. Superior cooling performance

The latest Haier fridge is designed with a very powerful cooling system, which keeps all the food items fresh with its even distribution of cool temperature. 

5. Adjustable glass shelves

Many models of Haier fridges feature adjustable glass shelves which can keep heavy items. Those units with tempered glass shelves are sturdier and leak-proof. Glass shelves in the branded refrigerator are also scratch-proof and convenient to maintain. 

6. Anti-fungal gasket

Anti-fungal gasket in cooling devices from Haier prevents the accumulation of fungus of any sort on your milk, fruits, veggies, bread, etc. Thus it keeps microorganisms at bay. Thus if you’re planning to invest in a Haier fridge, you’re making the right choice. The refrigerator will add spice to your lifestyle and will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. If you want to opt for a premium refrigerator online then do visit Bajaj EMI Store.

7. Single door, double door, side by side, bottom-mounted, and French door

Haier has flooded the Indian market with different kinds of refrigerators. It has introduced ones with a single door, double door, side by side, bottom-mounted, and French door. The single-door refrigerator features only one door that unlocks the freezer and fridge. This single-door Haier fridge is a basic one with customary features.

 Their storage capacity is also limited ranging from 50 liters up to 250 liters making them perfect for families consisting of 3-4 members. The cooling performance of the units is not uniform and it does not spread cool air evenly through the compartments. The automatic defrosting feature is lacking and you’ve to manually melt the ice deposited in the freezer box. The interior space is small so large bottles or beverages cannot be accommodated.

Next comes the double-door Haier fridge models. They are highly sought-after because they can store 250-300 liters of food and have ample space inside. They have a great cooling system that facilitates users to chill any drink with effortlessness. The shelves are sturdy and made of glass and can be adjusted to hold bottles. The automatic defrosting technology melts ice and drains the water.

The side-by-side refrigerator model from Haier is a modernized variant of the double door units. It appears the same as that of Almira. The Haier fridge models boast doors that are aligned vertically and run parallel to one another. You can open it sideways. The sophisticated design of the devices makes them ideal for modern modular kitchens. The LED lights brighten the cooling unit. These lights make sure that the items stored inside are visible. 

The bottom-mounted refrigerator is unique. These cooling units come complete with a freezer located at their foot while some units boast double freezers. The main features include auto defrost technology and auto clean technology which means you don’t have to devote your valuable time to melting the ice and cleaning the water.

French Door refrigerators are superior and more competent than Side by Side refrigerators. You can simply bring out the contents from the unit because all compartments are situated at your fingertips.

The doors are adaptable and easy to access. This kind of refrigerator also comprises three fans for each section. They are designed to keep the freshness of the food items intact and prevent food odors from mixing. The chief compartment also integrates a dual-zone, which conserves the food’s quality.

The dry zone makes dry food items crunchy, while the humid preserves the freshness and flavor intact. Other features of the French door models of Haier fridge include nine sensors to control temperature, an adjustable speed that facilitates the compressor to run efficiently and decrease energy consumption, and a drawer that can be pulled out. 

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