The Feeling of Loss: How CBSE Schools Are Filling the Knowledge Gap?

The Feeling of Loss: How CBSE Schools Are Filling the Knowledge Gap?

CBSE Schools: In the world of reality where collaborative learning is the key to success, students of batch 2021 have had the loneliest year of all. Deprived of classroom learning and curricular activities, students are facing challenges to cope with their online classroom- not to mention, the knowledge gap that is affecting their overall performance.

Last year CBSE decided to cancel the board exams of 10th and 12th standard across the country and mark students on the basis of their previous performance record. Even though the new batch has arrived the question remains the same- how CBSE schools in Noida are addressing the knowledge gap in the online learning environment? After all, the shift from in-person to virtual classroom was sudden and unexpected and whether the government accepted or not students were not properly equipped to learn online.

How are international public schools addressing the knowledge gap?

The concept of online learning revolves around the self -paced learning where students learn with the help of online classes. The overall success of the whole program relies on how is it designed, sustained and executed through any of the online platforms. Therefore, Global Indian International School takes extra precaution in designing and developing an online teaching program to address the exhausting learning gap students are experiencing during the difficult time of the pandemic. Let’s take a look to learn how they are slaying online teaching:

Simplicity is the key to teaching

One of the most common challenges of online learning is students are no longer sitting in the same room to collectively understand and tackle every question as a team. I mean, virtually they are in the same room but what about mentally? Therefore, simplifying the teaching is the best way to address this challenge.

At Global Indian International School, we design virtual learning with clear instructions and only focus on utilizing one or two resources. As it can get confusing to open multiple documents during the class, we only focus on providing one or two resources like PDF so that students can focus without any struggle.

Home base to create an environment

Along with simplicity, it is crucial to have a proper digital home base that students can easily access. The majority of CBSE schools in Noida are using the Google classroom for easy learning. While it can be tempting to go with the jump with all the cool sites-especially as many are offering the same services. However, you need to understand why you are creating it in the first place- it is because your students need a place they can visit to get up to date information. Therefore, it is important to go with something that offers both simplicity and familiarity so your students can feel comfortable going back to it again and again.

Don’t lose personal touch with students

Right now, what students miss the most is the human touch they used to have back in school days before the pandemic. Even though you cannot change the current circumstances, they still miss the small interaction they used to have in hallways, during breaks and before and after classes.

The only way to address this is to add individual touchpoints and the best thing is you can do it through different means like video, emails, phone calls, messages and comments through your learning management systems. Just come up with ideas and stick to them. Eventually, your students will start connecting after learning how much you care about them.


Pandemic is a difficult time for all of us but for youngsters, it is indeed costing them their independence, learning and mental health. As a reliable CBSE school in Noida, we believe it is crucial to address the knowledge gap today to build a better future tomorrow. Moreover, if you are concerned about finding the right CBSE school for your children in Noida, then feel free to visit Global Indian International public School as they are one of the most trustable schools when it comes to nurturing children to find their true potential. For more information, visit the website.

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