The 6 Best Essential Oils for Your Skin!

The 6 Best Essential Oils for Your Skin!

When it comes to skincare, we believe nature is your best friend. You of course have heard of essential oils. They are derived from natural sources and combined through Ayurvedic processes to provide you with the best organic skincare :

Lavender Essential Oil 

Derived from lavender oil, it works wonders for your skin and is the most common essential oil used for skin problems. It kills bacteria and hence prevents impurities from building up. It further prevents acne, blackheads and blemishes. Lavender essential oil also helps with dry, itchy and scaly skin. This natural oil also helps with skin lightening and brightening. Including lavender essential oil in your daily skin care routine can give you a healthy and naturally glowing skin. The soothing fragrance of lavender is also used in aromatherapy. 

Tea Tree Organic Oil 

Tea tree oil comes next in the list of the best essential oil for your skin. It cannot be used in the purest form and hence has to be mixed with either olive oil or coconut oil. It is used to treat oily skin due to its antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil also soothes itchy and flaky skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it helps in treating acne and when used regularly removes the acne marks and scars, giving you a clear skin. Tea tree oil is also beneficial in healing of wounds. 

Ylang Essential Oil 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is  pronounced as “Ee-lang Ee-lang,”. It receives its common name from the repetition of the Tagalog word “ilang,” which means “wilderness,”-its natural habitat. The wilderness to which it is native includes the tropical rainforests of the Philippines, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, Comoro, and Polynesia.Ylang ylang oil is used to balance the skin and get rid of blemishes and discolouration. It also stimulates the growth of new cells, tightening the skin around eyes to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It reduces the signs of aging, soothes itchy skin and generally takes care of your skin and also present in body lotions made especially for toning the skin and protecting against harmful elements. 

Lemongrass Oil 

Lemongrass oil is another essential oil that can be included in your daily routine to attain flawless skin. It has toning and purifying properties and also relieves redness, itching, and swelling. It has antiseptic and astringent properties due to which it makes an excellent addition to cosmetics that are meant to help achieve glowing and evenly toned skin. When used as a toner, it cleanses pores and strengthens the skin tissues. Blending Lemongrass Oil into body washes helps achieve itch- free skin and healthy skin. 

Frankincense Oil 

Frankincense oil has an aroma that can be best described as woody or earthy. It demonstrates astringent and cytophylactic qualities, which are known to reduce wrinkles and repair discolouration. Frankincense oil also promotes the growth of new cells and tightens skin pores and hence slows down the aging process. It is the best remedy for oily skin since it reduces the production of sebum. Doing this, it prevents clogged pores and hence prevents acne. 

Rosemary Oil 

It is most commonly known as a natural face astringent. Applying it before moisturiser on a sunny day will prevent excessive oil production. Rosemary oil is the best for treating acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It naturally restores skin elasticity making you feel young as ever. 

For healthy and glowing skin, which is free of acne and blemishes, you can experiment with different essential oils and find out which works best for you! There are a variety of them available but do your research on the best oils for low porosity hair and then choose the you think will suit your skin! 

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